Myanmar Exchange Rate us Dollar

Burma Exchange Rate us-Dollar

The CPI and the nominal exchange rate of the Kyat against the US dollar are combined. (e.g. a foreign transaction fee and an instalment rate). A parallel exchange rate refers to Myanmar Kyat against the US dollar.

Historic US dollar exchange rate charts

Below is a chart showing the historic exchange rate against the US dollar, currently the world's most widely quoted exchange rate. 1 ] An exchange rate is the value of one foreign exchange rate. The exchange rate between two different currrencies varies over the years. You can calculate the value of one against a third dollar by multiplying one US dollar by another.

If there is 120 to the dollar and 1. 2 to the dollar, then the number of Japanese Japanese currency is 120/1. 2 = 100. The US dollar, for example, could be reassigned to 1 new dollar for 100 old dollar in the future. It is, however, useful to consider the temporal change of a certain exchange rate.

Exchange rate fluctuations between the US dollar and the currencies of countries such as Japan and Hong Kong have tended to be up and down, which is a much smaller measure of comparative strength, rather than moving in a certain trajectory. A number of the 1997-2002 figures refer to the price on or near 1 January of this year.

A number of 2003 figures refer to 28 May for those starting with A-E and 2 June for those on the F-Z list. The exchange rate can also fluctuate significantly within a year, so that the actual exchange rate may differ significantly from that shown here. SingaporeSingapore dollarSGD1. "Foreigncurrency units per 1 US dollar, 1948-2015" (PDF).

On January 1, 2003, the state of Afghanistan was newly founded. In December 1999 the Angolan company was founded. The Eastern Carribean Dollar has been linked to the Dollar since 1976 at a constant exchange rate of 2.76. The Argentinian franc was equally linked to the US dollar from January 1992 to January 2002.

The Aruban Florida has been linked to the US dollar since 1986. On 1 January 2000 the Belorussian rouble was reoriented. The Communaute Financiere Africaine franc is linked to the Eurozone. Prior to 1999, it was tied to the Swiss franc. From October 1994 to January 14, 1999, the exchange rate was officially set by a manageable floater; since January 15, 1999, the exchange rate has fluctuated independent of the US dollar.

The Brunei dollar is on an equal footing with the Singapore dollar. On July 5, 1999, the BG leva was redefined. Before January 1999 the exchange rate to the Moroccan Franconian currency was fixed at 75 Komorian Franks per Swiss Franconian currency; since 1 January 1999 the exchange rate of the Franconian currency to the Swiss Franconian currency has been fixed at 491 Swiss Franks.

9,677 Comoro Franks per EUR. 1 per US dollar - 1,0000; the exchange rate for national use is set by the Government of Cuba at 1,00 US dollars per 27 US dollars (January 2002).

Used Euros since 2008. Since 1973, the Jiboutian Francs has been linked to the US Dollar. East Timor has used the US dollar since it became independent from Indonesia in 2002. On 13 March 2000 the National Congress of Ecuador adopted a new exchange system in which the US dollar was introduced for all ends as the most important means of payment in Ecuador; on 20 March 2000 the Central Bank of Ecuador began to exchange the currency at a set rate of 25,000 sugres per US dollar; since 30 April 2000 all operations are in US dollar, the numbers shown in the chart are in sugres for convenience.

Since January 2001, the US dollar has also been statutory currency in El Savalador; the exchange rate was then set at 8.75 COS. The price was set at 8.755 from 1993. Coupled to the EUR at 15.65. From 1997 to 2001 Iran had a multi-exchange rate system; one of these exchange rate, the officially variable exchange rate at which most of the major goods were exported, was 1,750 riallas per US dollar on average; in March 2002 the multi-exchange rate system was converted to a rate of about 7,900 riallas per US dollar.

Before 2002 depreciation, exchange rate was about 1.5 dinars per US dollar. Before 2002 the Lituanian currency was linked to the US dollar, now to the EUR. Bound to the Hong Kong dollar at an exchange rate of 1.03 Patacas per HK dollar. The numbers given are the offical course.

Myanmayat is much less strong on the subprime mortgage markets. By the end of 2000, the price of the dollar was 435 kyats. Inofficial exchange rate in 2004 was between 815 kyat/rev. p. dollars to almost 970 kyat/U. At the end of 2005, the informal exchange rate was 1,075 kyat/rev.

The 2005 and earlier dates are exchange rate swaps. The above numbers relate to new loans and are calculated on the basis of the annual mean exchange rate of the National Bank: Used euros since 2009. Used euros since 2007. The new exchange system was launched on 30 October 2000, with a currency equivalent to 1,000 of the old Tajik rouble.

The trading rate was 19,800 Turkish manatas per US dollar. Venezuela's monetary renaming, the identification identifier that identifies the Bolivar, was amended from the VEB to the VEF, which came into effect on 1 January 2008, while the numerical identifier was amended from 862 to 937.

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