Myanmar Evisa Photo

Burma Evisa photo

Each applicant requires a digital photo when applying for an e-visa, and the photo must meet certain criteria as follows: Is no downloaded photo able to create any size? No photos are required to apply for an online visa. Scanning the information page (one with your photo). Myanmar eVisa document requirements.

Burma E-Visa photo issue

Headaches when trying to post pictures to this site do not work. Attempted high-resolution photographs of professional passports & then with laptops (Mac os x), still does not work. Change the file to the desired file sizes, so there is no need why this should not work. There is no inconvenience to go to the Myanmar embassy have given Myanmar message e-mail on the page, you will know if they will get back to me with resolution.

Crop in 2 working nights. Tried to go out here overnight for the same daily visa, but you apparently have to line up with 50 folks ahead, it will close at 12pm, you will have to dispute with them about needing the same daily Visa, AND it will be more costly!!!!!!

Much upset, already purchased visas from siem re-ap to yoangon December 23 thought the on-line visas would be dependable and working.

Photographic Requirement - e Visa - Myanmar Message Board

I am trying to weed out eVisa on the Gov-website. Even if the photo is added to the photo area on the website, should it match exactly (no edges) or should it have a dark area? Thank you, but after dragging myself through, I can't find the real detail I need - the point over the bar.

Can you just tell me: if the photo is smaller than 2mb and measures 1.5 X1.8 inch, the edge is the same...? Attempt to get away from the dark edge (by changing the file name or the pixels). So I can't give you an honest answer to your questions.

Visit a photo store and ask for a photo to make the procedure easier. The end up was that I went out with four full-size photo passports and an e-mail with a photo of my finger. Eventually, the taxi will need another photo to file the petition today and address questions in the morning.

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