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Burma Evisa

About who needs Myanmar eVisa and how to apply for Myanmar eVisa. Let a local tour operator in Myanmar support you. The Evisa-myanmar. net is a commercial website for applying for a visa to Myanmar through the website of the Government of Myanmar, a fee is charged. When you visit the website of the Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population of Myanmar: https://evisa.

eVisa to Myanmar - Entry via another port - Myanmar Forum

There I entered Port of Entry as'Myawaddy Land Border' during my job interview. Now, there is a schedule shift and I just want to go there and travel via Yangon Airport. I' ve tried to call the embassy of Myanmar in Malaysia and the tourist office of Myanmar to ask for it, but no bless.

It says on the offical website "You must indicate in your request a "Port of Entry", which is one of the international airports or country border checkpoints. So, I wonder what exactly the "longer turnaround time" is and would appreciate it if someone could tell me about his experiences in a similar setting.

The new Myanmar e-Visa solution is now available

An" e-Visa " is an e-visa system that is an online registration service for Myanmar, which in most cases supersedes the conventional printed visa procedure. Myanmar's government grants two kinds of visas: E-visa (electronic visa) and conventional visa in your identity card. In case a multi-pass visa is necessary, please request the traditionally cancelled visa.

e-Visa is for only one visit, 90 day from the date of issuance for a period of up to 28 day for tourists, 70 day for businesspass. Traditional stamped visa is effective for more than one visit (business visa) or individual visits (tourist visa) to Myanmar, for 6 month from date of issuance for a period of up to 70 day work visa, 90 day from date of issuance for a period of up to 28 day work visa.

While it is slightly more difficult and costly to request this alternative, the best way is if you need more than one travel to Myanmar as part of your route and/or you can get back to Myanmar within 6-month. Suppose your journey as a traveler demands two separate entrances to Myanmar? Every e-visa is unique to a particular record.

For all other visa categories, the application should follow the conventional stamping procedure:

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