Myanmar Etiquette

Burmese Etiquette

Several of Myanmar's labelling rules may be strange to Westerners. The Myanmar culture is basically Buddhist and so much of the accepted etiquette refers to Buddhist beliefs. In a new country, knowledge of local etiquette is essential for dealing with the local population. Areas of worship are sacred and it is important to observe some rules of etiquette. The etiquette of Myanmar is based on respect for others.

The Myanmar Etiquette - General Rules

Burma is a land of deeply entrenched customs and religions. There are a number of things a western visitor to Myanmar needs to consider. Several of Myanmar's labelling regulations may be odd for westerns. But if you obey a few easy guidelines, your time in Myanmar will be much better.

In Myanmar, Burma, they are very kind and supportive, especially towards our guests. Adherence to Burma's customs, etiquette and cultural heritage will bring a sense of mutual understanding and mutual appreciation to the Myanmar population. These are some of the general guidelines that you should always keep in sight of the Myanmar population. In Myanmar, Burma, there are different views of the top and bottom of the human being.

Burmese will consider this an offense. That' an offence to a Myanmar. Avoid touching a person's coat, scalp or cheeks, even if you consider it a kind gestures. Burmese would not think it kind and will think you impolite. Others will be insulted.

By following these easy to follow guidelines, you will prevent most of your troubles and embarrassment while in Myanmar (Burma). This is the Myanmar Man's Diary Blogs post that has been re-published with authorization. This item..... Since April 1, 2012, the Central Bank of Myanmar has formally launched the Kyoto Protocol.

Burma is a land full of historical, cultural, customs and traditions. Burma is a land of deeply entrenched customs and religions. A visit from the West..... If you want to be seen politely in Myanmar, you should be able to use the right song if you..... You will find further instructions on the Shwedagon Pagoda in our item Shwedagon Pagoda.....

A number of sweepstakes exist in Myanmar (Burma), both legitimate and illicit. It is important for Myanmar residents to hire a housemaid.

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