Myanmar Epc Phone number

The Myanmar Epc phone number

The Basic Energy Group is participating in 2 Thai EPC companies working on a 220 MW PV power plant in Myanmar. This Philippine utilities corporation has entered into contracts to buy 15% of the shares in two Thailand enterprises that are constructing a 220 MW photovoltaic plant in Myanmar. The Philippine and Philippine EPC developers Basic and VTE have acquired 15% of the shares in two EPC firms in Thailand, Vintage EPC Co Ltd (VEPC) and VTE International Construction Co.

Vinter, on the basis of an arrangement with its holding Meta Corporation, marks its advance into the world of offshore photovoltaic invention. The two companies act as EPC suppliers and contractors for a 220 MW PV system in Minbu, Magway, Myanmar. Meta Corporation's two subsidiary companies, formerly Vintage Engineering Public Company Limited (VTE), were selected by Green Earth in May 2016 by the Green Earth Powers (GEP) development team for the first stage of the $275 million development program.

"We[ for] the acquisition of Basic[Energy] in two EPC businesses located in Thailand. They are signing the EPC agreement for the 220 MW Myanmar photovoltaic project," said Basic Energy President and Chief Executive, Oscar L. de Venecia, Jr. after the company's Wednesday AGM.

Planning, engineering and building of the plant began in 2016 and are scheduled to be carried out in three 50 MW stages and a 70 MW end stage. Completion of the first stage, which is underway, is scheduled for the first three months of 2019, after which it will begin feed-in on the basis of a 30-year pantograph contract between GEP and Myanmar's Ministry of Energy and National Energy.

This 220 MW photovoltaic power plant is supporting the Myanmar government's goal of bringing power throughout the nation by 2030. According to the Ministry of Power and Energy, it is the third biggest PV photovoltaic power plant in a 1.5 GW supply line. But while the nation has used the advantages of off-grid photovoltaic power as the driving force behind electrical power, the pace of major developments has been held back by a number of major issues.

Basic Energy announced on Wednesday that it had made approximately $2,622 million in serious cash contributions as of December 31, 2017, which will be transformed into its paid-up equity contributions to VEPC and Vinter as of the balance sheet date specified in the stock purchase contracts. The Philippine corporation announced last year that it intended to acquire at least 12.

The Basic said it would follow up its existing turn-key project, while other renewables related initiatives, such as those involving photovoltaic, windpower and bio-mass, are currently under due-diligence. With regard to photovoltaic ventures, the designer conducted a due-diligence for a 14 MW park in Japan after he transferred 50 million ($453,605) to Solmax Power Ltd in Hong Kong and sold his 49% stake in V.O. Net Biodiesel Asia Co.

Ltd, which runs a 1.2 MW photovoltaic facility in Kalisin, Thailand.

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