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Doctors say that Rohingya scars are "very consistent" with Myanmar's atrocities reports - photo. The Myanmar News is available for download on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The HK TVB News Channel, Hong Kong.

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Descriptive/Topic:August 2017: 1 Google-specific Search for Myanmar OR Burma site:aljazeera. com yielded 42,900 results. About 700 results for "Myanmar" Source/Publisher: "Al Jazeera" Title: "All Burma News-Myanmar News" Description/Topic:News stories from " Emerging Voice of Burma " and "The Irrawaddy" Source/Publisher: "DVB", "The Irrawaddy" Title: "Asian Tribune" Description/Topic:This web paper, focusing on Sri Lanka, has a series of Burma tales.

Sources / Publisher: "Asian Tribune" Title: "Atlantic Wire" Origin / Publisher: "The Atlantic Wire" Title: "Bangkok Post" Origin / Publisher: "Bangkok Post" Title: "Burma Daily" Descriptio /Theme: Movie and text (from various media, incl. DVB). Archiv theoretical from 2003, but this seems to be more the Worldnews Network archival than "Burma Daily" Title: "Burma Monitor" Source/Publisher: "Burma Monitor" Title: "Burma News Group" Description/Topic: Open archive. Titel: "Burma News International" Description: Very useful news site, specialized in non-Burman groups... "Burma News International was founded in 2003 with four Burmesian news organisations on the west borders of Burma, India and Bangladesh.

Later it was extended, other Myanmar news organisations with headquarters in Thailand and the Thai-Burmese frontier areas joined. Currently, it has ten independently owned Burma media/news organisations as members. "Myanmar News International" (BNI - covering all ethnical groups)....Chin World"...Independent Mon News Agency (IMNA)..... "Kantarawaddy Times" (Karenni).... "Khonumthung News" (Chin)... "KIC" (=Karen Information Committee, but this is usually in Burmaese.

"The English equivalent of "KIC").... "Mizzima News" (covers different ethnical groups ).... "Narinjara News" (Arakan).... "Network Media Group" (NMG - covering all ethnical groups), "Phophtaw News Association" (covers all non-Burman groups).......Shan Herald Agency for News (S. H.A.N.)....... "Burma News International has set itself the goal of disseminating news and coverage about Burma in South Asia and Southeast Asia.

This is also a link to reciprocal comprehension, exchange of experience, knowledge and resource, and collaboration between Burma's independent press organizations. Titel: "Burmanet News" Title: "China Daily" Source/Publisher: "China Daily" Title: "Christian Science Monitor" Source/Publisher: "Christian Science Monitor" Title: "Coconuts Yangon" About: "Coconuts Yangon" About: "Burmanet News" Description: CommageMedia is a non-profit organization for digital and digital communication, technologies and cultures. To support movement in combating injustices and harm to the environment and to present them.

CommageMedia works with filmmakers, writers, journalists, strategists, fighters and community groups to engage a broader audience in tales of societal changes, to engage in community debate and to get individuals to act. By demystifying and delivering effective usage policies for videoconferencing and engaging technology, connecting videographers and videactivists with distributed and audience members, and building partner networking platforms of peers from digital artists, technology professionals and campaign participants.

EngageMedia has branches in Indonesia and Australia, as well as members of teams in Singapore, Myanmar, the USA and the Philippines. Sources/Editor: "EngageMedia" Description/Topic: "Frontier Myanmar" is a English speaking weekbook. An impartial part of Transition Myanmar, we provide information and entertainment with a week-long overview of what's happening and doing, as well as insight, analytics and understand.

" Sources/Publishing house: "Frontier Myanmar" Title: "Global Times" Source/Publishing house: "Global Times" Title: "Huffington Post" Description/Topic: August 2017: 23,000 Search results for "Burma OR Myanmar" (November 2011); 101,000 (July 2015)..... Sources/Publishing House: "The Huffington Post" Description/Topic:"'Independent Mon News Agency' was founded in 1999 by former Mon student, young people and democracy activist in Mon State, Union of Burma. The members of the Agencys are not members of any policy organisation.

IMNA is an organization established in Thailand and Burma by young people of South East Asian origin. A not-for-profit news service, IMNA reports news from the Mon fellowship in Thailand, the Mon fellowship in Burma and Burma. Inmna is an independant Mon news service that produces balanced and balanced news via the web, Mon newspapers, wireless and music.

IMNA publishes the monthly Guiding Star in Thailand and Burma. The IMNA also has a Mon DVB wireless programme, part of the Norwegian broadcast of Burma's Emerald Voice, and IMNA also produces news via the Via and Monnet mailing lists operated by the Mon congregation in the United States of America.

ANNOUNCER: IMNA is trying to expand in Mon State, South Burma.....".... Sources/Editor: "The Irrawaddy" Title: "Japan Times" Source/Editor: "Japan Times" Title: "Kaladan Press Network" Description/Topic: SHORT INTRODUCTUTION TO KALADAN PRESS NETWORK: "Between 1948 and 1962 Burma had free elections and free access to the mass media, but this was ended in 1962. Following the entry into office of the current army in 1988, the use of the mass media was outlawed.

It was our belief that the impartial mass media played an important role in the fight for human rights and democratisation. Therefore, some Rohingya exiled seniors are considering setting up a news group from the Rohingya fellowship to bring news about Burma to all Myanmar nations and multinational groups, especially about Arakan and the Arakan people.

This is an impartial and non-profit news agency dealing with Burma and Burmese topics. She provides precise, fair and dependable news. The site provides information about the state of Arakan in particular and Burma in general. The company publishes news in both English and Burmese and supplies around 350 individuals around the globe via the electrical press.

Print mediums that still need to be reprinted as various problems. 2. to establish a worldwide alliance with the Rohingya tribe of the state of Arakan, Burma; 3. to share the evergreen and tranquil worlds with possible initiatives; 4. to develop the standard of calling for the development of transnational journalists; 5. to make the Arakan free for medias and information; and 6. to make the Arakan more accessible and more.

Making Burma a multicultural and multi-ethnic state that introduces media freedoms, democracies and human rights..... Kurzzeit-IT Schulungsprogramm; * Basic education to the information services; * News up-date programme; * Journalismus-Leistungsprogramm..... Organization of seminaries, symposia and work-shops; * Creation of newsletters; * Organization of short-term journalistic trainings; * Development of Kaladan Network entities at various locations.....

This alternative URL goes to a new Kaladan News page, which is well crafted but so far has only a small archives, although a good link section to other news sources......ARCHIVE OF JANUARY 2006..... Published "Kaladan News" Source/Publisher: "The Kantarawaddy Times" Source/Publisher: "The Kantarawaddy Times" Title: "Kao Wao News" Description/Topic: Breakdown news; Article; 139 article from June 6, 2011 View; Facts about Burma; Reviews; Movie; Audio; Photographs; About us Please feel free to get in touch with us....

The KAREN NEWS is published by Karen reporters to inform about topics that are shaping the Karen fellowships in Burma and around the globe. The KAREN NEWS provides a glimpse into Burma and the wider global fellowship on what is going on in the Karen state. The Karen journalist lives and works in Karen societies, knows the problems affecting the Karen tribe, and wants to make these problems known to Burmese citizens, the diasporas and all those who are interested in the fights and victories of the Karen population.

The Karen state has been a warring area for more than half a centur y in which the Burma military has fought a battle against the Karen population. KAREN NEWS reporters face a series of offences against humanitarianism - extra-judicial assassinations, sexually assaulted men, hard labour, children's troops, expulsion and traffic in humans.

" Titel: "Latest Myanmar News" Title: "Lexis-Nexis" Descriptive/Topic:Pay, but very comprehensive reporting and an archives until 1997. Descriptive/Topic:A very striking organization, much more than a news agency, with an outstanding website. Myizzima focuses on India-Burma relationships, activities, etc. Multiple Mizzima items posted every day in English and Myanmar, which can be viewed on the website or sent to your inbox.

Mizzima News; Mizzima News Archive; Burma Related News (various sources); Nationalities; Documentation (nothing yet); Debate; About Mizzima; About Burma; Activities of Mizzima; Seminars; Photogallery (mainly roundtable people); Burma travelers; network links; chat room; Myanmar calendars; research on Indo-Burma relationships; English language school; art exhibitions; music album; Mizzima video documentation; affiliated organizations; Mizzima team.

Sources/Editor: "Mizzima" Title: "Myanmar/ Myanmar Economic Today" Theme: Local Myanmar, Asia Region and Global Economic News Feature of June 6, 2013. Synopsis/Topic:About 20 editions per issue per month..... Welcome to Myanmar Eleven ePaper This 10+ page ePaper Myanmar Eleven is a demo of dedicated reporting from Myanmar Eleven Media Group and Thailand's The Nation. It' a gentle start to an upcoming printed issue that will soon be released in Myanmar.

The project will benefit Myanmar's citizens abroad and international investment and tourism interested in Myanmar's transition - economic, political, social and cultural. Launched with joint editorship in Yangon and Bangkok, we are proud to be Myanmar's first English speaking nationwide newspaper.

The Myanmar Eleven ePaper is available free of cost during this software release phase Hopefully you will like Myanmar Eleven ePaper. "Sources/Publishing house: Eleven Media Group, "The Nation" Title: "Myanmar News. Net" Source/Editor:Myanmar Consolidated Media Co. Descriptive title/topic: "Myanmar's first global newspaper". Lots of useful news and features. Descriptive/Topic: "Network Media Group disseminates news about what is happening in Burma (Myanmar) and what is happening in Burma (Myanmar).

Newsmagazine NMG is an independant news agency. The NMG Editorial Committee makes decisions and revises all news published by NMG independently and without external or policy influence. "To receive the Network Media Group's news of the day, click on the Promote icon on the list on the left hand side or email a space to".

Descriptive/Topic:Good reporting on Burma/Myanmar from many resources, but only for one months. Source/publisher: "Radio Free Asia" Description/Topic: "HURFOM was established by pro-democracy student of the 1988 insurrection and recent Mon chapter and youth campaigners and its primary goal is to restore Burma's democratic system, respect for fundamental freedoms, respect for mankind and its people.

We want to take part in the fight to establish a Burma democracy that does its part as a grassroots indigenous people' s group that monitors the humanitarian situations in Mon and other areas in the South. The mission is to deliver information and reporting to all advocacy organisations to receive assistance from the Burmese NGO to support Burma's democracy reforms.

" Shan-EUgroup " Title: "The Economist" Description/Topic: 27,000 articles about Burma/Myanmar, but a reading fee is required. Sources/Publishing: "The Economist" Source/Publishing: "The Telegraph" Title: "Yangon Globe" Source/Publishing: "Yangon Globe" Description/Topic:Humanitarian news and analysis.............572 Results in the advanced search for "Myanmar" Description/Topic:A Burma/Myanmar news page listing in English or Myanmar, aired or on line.

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