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Burma English Film

This project aims to translate subtitles for a large number of films from English into Burmese. It will be shot in Myanmar, English and Japanese with English subtitles. Accompany us on our film trip organized by Wall Street English: Learn English naturally by watching English films in Myanmar. Myanmar to German translator or English to Myanmar translator. No free tickets can be used for admission to the cinema.

Subtitle Burmese translators required (Full-time 1,070K MMK/part-time 534K MMK)

Andrew ( is looking for a subtitling translator for a major film subtitling translator assignment for a major multimedia group. It is intended to provide translations of sub-titles for a large number of films from English into Burmese. Probably the duration of the projekt starts in September and lasts at least 2 month.

It' s work from home: you need a trusted web browser and a computer. Translator: A fulltime translator should work 40 working hour aweek. The number of part-time interpreters should be 20 working lessons per week. t. Very good knowledge of English. There is no need for translating expertise. Have a current computer with a trusted network access.

During the duration of the projects you are supposed to be in regular contact with our managers. Ready to use subtitle editing tools for translations. Andovar provides subtitle editing tools free of cost if you do not yet own them. Andovar and the customer evaluate these results.

Manufactured in Myanmar

Lee Wan's continuous feature length feature Made infilm examines the points where everyday lives overlap with the world' s powers, especially in the new Asian libertarian states. Made in Myanmar, the artiste worked for three whole week in a Chinese mine in the north of Myanmar and finally won three grams of each.

Korea's Lee Wan (born 1979) is a social multi-media performer currently promoting Korea at the 2017 Venice Biennale. He has worked for his Made in Series on paddy paddies in Cambodia, in a sugar cane orchard in Taiwan and a pale nut orchard in Malaysia, as well as in a furnishing plant in Indonesia and at a Thai fabric company producing semi-suits.

The mysterious remains of 25 years ago - a Singapore River bottled drink, a copy of the Yellow Pages, a telephone adapter - have been created to help decipher today's collection of objects for the next generation. Famous for her perceptive documentary films about Singapore, she often reverts to topics of restoration and excavations of the past.

She made her first Singapore GaGa (2005) feature in Singapore, while her multi-award-winning movie To Singapore, with Love (2013) was excluded from screen.

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