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Burma Translation Society, led by former Burmese Prime Minister U Nu, has published the Burmese Encyclopedia. Myanmar Lizards Checklist. Chindite Encyclopedia, Orde Wingate, China, Burma Campaign, India (CBI), Myanmar Theater in World War II: Burma is a land of mountains and river valleys. Myanmar is officially a country in Southeast Asia.

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Burma's Encyclopaedia (Burmese: ????? ??????????) is an edited by the Burma Translation Society under the leadership of former Burma Prime Minister U Nu. It began in 1947, and the first book was later released through Stephen Austin & Sons Ltd, Hertford, UK. This last issue of the first issue appeared in 1976[1] and was updated annually.

The encyclopaedia came to a standstill after General Ne Win's 1962 découp[2]. Every year, the Burma Translation Society publishes another book on translation in English. In 1988 and another army putsch, the Burmese nation became impoverished and incapable of publishing the Burmese encyclopedia.

The Myanmar Encyclopedia, 100 classic books are released

av _abdm = _abdm |||| [];_abdm.push(["1512023572", "InPage", "1512024292", "InPage_1512024292"]); var _abdm = _abdm |||| [];_abdm. push (["1512023572", "InPage", "1512024269", "InPage_1512024269"]); The Ministry of Information has urged the release of the new Myanmar Encyclopedia and 100 Myanmar classic books, the Ministry of Information said. CDU/CSU minister U Pe Myint spoke to the editors responsible for the study on Saturday to find out about the publications of the books.

"Myanmar Classics Volume 1, three books were chosen for this series. The books are printable and 81 books are pre-selected for vol. 2 and 3. They are epic stories from past epochs. Fiction will comprise up to 16 or 17 books and it is planned to release two books per month," said U Zeya, clerk of the Myanmar Classics 100 Publishers' Comité.

Nine specialists make up the Governing Board responsible for the new edition of the Myanmar Encyclopedia. Another advisory group consists of 19 members, the editorship of ten members.


HOOLS: Independence Sunday, January 4; Unionsday, February 12; Farmers' Sunday, March 2; Defense Sunday, March 27; Burmese New Year, April 17; World Labourers' Sunday, May 1; Martyrs' Sunday, July 19; Christmas, December 25. Moving worshipping days are full moon of Tabaung, February or March; Thingyan (water festival), April; full moon of Kason, April or May; Waso (beginning of Buddhist Lent), June or July; Thadingyut (end of Buddhist Lent), October; and Tazaungdaing, November.

Burma joined the UN on 19 April 1948 and is a member of the ESCAP and all non-regional specialised organisations. Myanmar's members are the Asian Development Bank, ASEAN and the Colombo Plan; it is also a member of G-77, a member of the WTO and a undersigned of the Law of the Sea.

Myanmar's external policies are neutralistic and the state is not part of any alliance. Of the 78 international insurers in Myanmar, all were nationalised on 1 March 1963. Myanma Insurances Corp. handles all types of insurances, which include endowment, fire, transport, automotive, workers' and casualty, and intrusion. It is obligatory for civil servants.

There are no areas or settlements in Myanmar. Becka, Jan. Historical dictionary of Myanmar. Myanmar . Burma: Patricia M. Burma. Burma's way to poverty. The Burmese economy. Steinberg, David J. The Future of Burma: The crisis and election in Myanmar. Dose and don'ts in Myanmar.

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