Myanmar empty City

Empty Myanmar City

Myanmar Computer Professionals Association said it has reserved land for the development of the City of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). " There's so much empty space we can use." Empty Taw hotel room on a certain day. However, the chairman of a local tourism association believes that better marketing can help the city improve its visitor numbers. There were six issues of Gazipur City Surveys.

Wellcome to Myanmar's (empty) capital, President Obama!

President Obama will travel to Myanmar for the second year in two - #BIGDEAL alarm! - My own brandnew Myanmar capitol, Nay Pyi Taw: It'?s lNSANE. Myanmar disrooted its Yangon capitol in 2005 into a small rural village in the midst of nowhere 300 kilometres away.

Much more importantly, the government is better able to rule from the centre of the land than to be on one side in the south (although the US should be the US capitol with this argument, not Washington D.C.). In spite of rumours of corruption in Myanmar (the typical Myanmar citizen makes $1200 a year and it took over $6 billion to make the move), or the news that the city was relocated for "astrological reasons," the Myanmar branch of the regime fell by the wayside.

Today NayPyiTaw wears a giant, gold reproduction of the famous Shwedegon Pagoda (just one leg short of the original!), more five-star properties than almost any other city in the whole wide globe, shiny new offices, villas in abundance, gardens and gulf courses - everywhere! All we want to know is how many will be coming by bus to welcome President Obama.

Seven modern cities that became ghost cities because no one wanted to be there.

Each year, new urban areas are constructed from the ground up. Thouses are empty and sit in eternity awaiting their owner. Such new born spirit settlements can be found in different parts of the globe. Every year new urban centres are constructed there, but despite the high level of densities, many are left empty.

Reconstruction costs a fortune when crowded China towns are bombed from the sky. It is much less expensive and simpler to locate the survivors in new towns. China in the Ordos region, where a wealthy colliery has been found, is the biggest city of ghosts. Kangbashi has many thousand homes and the necessary facilities, such as an airfield, gardens, theatres, road sculpture and a local muse.

But only 2% of the projected total living there. However, a few years later an entire city for 10,000 inhabitants was constructed on the edge of the city in unparalleled work. However, the city never really gets empty, because here is the pilgrim' s way to the city of Santiago de Compostela in Spain.

It is a city of the same type, with its own Champs-Élysées, Notre-Dame de Paris and even a small copy of the Eiffel Tower, 108 metres high. Constructed in 2007, the city is intended for 100,000 individuals who want to trade their country lifestyle for an city one.

But now the "East Paris" no longer even has a fourth of the inhabitants. Kilamba, the new city, was constructed by a China based company 30 km from Luanda, Angola's capitol. Kilamba was completed in 2012. It had 750 multi-storey houses for half a million inhabitants, more than 100 shops and tens of schoolhouses.

But despite all the effort, around 1,000 persons live in the city. Most of the inhabitants are below the income line and live on 2 dollars a days. There is another China spook city, Thames City, a small copy of London. With its own Thames, Viktorian buildings, a Gothic temple, phone boxes in the middle and sculptures of Harry Potter and James Bond.

Because of the 2008 finance crises, the pseudo-European city could not settle, which showed that the rich China community for which the city was intended was virtually non-existent. Only very few could have afforded to stay in "Chinese London", so the city remained a mister city. Now, Thames City, together with Tianducheng, is just one big weddingscapes.

The Masdar City is an eco-city being constructed 17 km from Abu Dhabi, the UAE city. It is founded on the concept of accountability, which means a lasting urban environmental. That will be done by supplying power from renewables, minimising atmospheric CO2 emission and a full urban solid wastes recovery system.

It is intended for 50,000 residents, but only 300 are left. The most of them are Masdar Institute of Science and Technology undergraduates. Most of the goods have to be transported to other towns. In spite of the fact that the whole process is almost complete, the city is still empty.

Moreover, a people used to luxurious life may not be prepared to accept the responsibilities that lie at the heart of Masdar City. It was established in the 1950' with the goal of improving a high level of livelihood for all South Americans who cross the state.

In spite of the fact that 200 common homes live in the town, it is possible to see with the help of contemporary visuals that the buildings are empty crates without rooms. You can sometimes see both men and woman cleaning the window - the same guys as 15 years ago.

The Myanmar authorities in 2005 suddenly moved the country's capitol from Yangon to Naypyidaw, a decision that was unexpected for the whole population. Located in the midst of the jungles in the populated part of the nation, the new capitol covered an area of 7,054 sqkm. Besides goverment and housing developments, the city has seen the construction of a number of malls, restaurants, a hotel, golf course, a sport centre, a herarium and even a pet store.

At 6:36 a.m. the precise date of the shuttle was determined by astrologists whose opinions are of great importance to the population of this state. The most interesting theory is the authorities' anxiety about a large population and possible strike action, as well as the opinions of astrogists.

Naypyidaw has long been an abandoned place with empty homes and avenues. But now, after a decade, this is a vibrant city with an ever-growing people. What city was the most surprising for you? Have you seen other haunted cities?

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