Myanmar Emergency number

Burma Emergency Number

When in Myanmar, we also give our customers two emergency numbers for evening and night calls. Here is a practical reference list of emergency numbers abroad. We' ve done our best to get current phone numbers, but please try it yourself. In Myanmar, most business cards list a few phone numbers because landlines are often dead and calls just don't go through. If there is hope, it is helpful for emergencies/crime cases.

Telephone numbers (Yangon)

It is one of the best places in Asia and the biggest town in Myanmar. Burma is now formally renamed the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. Burma, Burma, Bermah, Burmah, Burmania, Burma, or whatever the name was.... it has always been the Gold Land, because of the sparkling gold church building everywhere.

Myanmar's civilization can be seen as a blend of neighbouring China, India and Thailand, leading to a one-of-a-kind way of life you will enjoy. Wellcome to Myanmar! Number 528, 3rd floor, Lower Kyeemyindine Road, Kyeemyindine Tsp, Yangon.

About EMERGENCY AMBULANCE SERVICE | Myanmar Medical Association (MMA)

Emergency Outpatient Service Foundation was established more than a year ago in reaction to the inadequate treatment of wounded people in the urban area of Yangon, which has caused unnecessarily lost limb and life. Studies show that only 4% of those entering the JGH were able to use a suitable rescue service, the remainder was carried by other means such as taxi, trishaw, etc.

It is a great disgrace to the land and to national healthcare and we have chosen to offer individuals high-quality and expert care free of cost to all regardless of racial or religious beliefs. So far, we have treated all of Yangon's nearly 800 Yangon residents in emergency cases - whether medically, surgically, obstetrically, gynecologically, pediatrically or orthopaedically - free of cost for a year, and rescued innumerable deaths.

Our ambulance service consists of a full range of 5 fully equiped vehicles (such as defence equipment, patients' screens, handheld ventilators, etc....) and a staff of qualified and committed physicians and first-aiders. We are the only one in this land where physicians and ambulance medical staff worked together on the ambulance to ensure high standard of local medical assistance and support on site, with the goal of delivering safely to the appropriate hospitals.

Primary Trauma Care, Basic Cardiac Live Support in Singapore (BCLS), Advance Cardiac Live Service (ACLS), International Trauma Live Service (ITLS) Training am Singapore General Hospital qualifiziert sind.

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