Myanmar Embassy Visa Application Form

Visa application form for the Embassy of Myanmar

EMPLOYER'S LETTER - The Embassy needs a letter from your current employer. On Arrival Visa Form For Entry" with. Filled out visa forms (available at the embassy or download . docx / . pdf).

Visumantragformular - Check application status - Dokdo Video. Before departure, you must apply for a visa for Vietnam and Myanmar.


Please indicate the embassy fee, our services and the cost of returning the goods or a filled in freight invoice. Failure to pay in full, complete requests or documentation and incorrect application form will result in a time lag in the above visa application process. Multi-visa are 3, 6 or 12-month. They must have at least one Myanmar visa in advance to be eligible.

The issuance of visas is at the embassy's sole option. The embassy will not return the balance if a multi-pass visa is not accepted. Stage 1: Collect the following documentation according to the purposes of your trip: Stage 2: Submit all your documentation to the following address: Do you have a question about charges?

Instructions for filling out a visa application

US nationals do not need a visa to travel to Botswana. This is the complete country visa free country guide for Botswana: Candidates are recommended to give twenty-one (21) working day to complete the application. All visas issued on this application are subject to the Botswana Republic's immigrant rules.

If a visa or authorisation is missing or corrupted, the claimant is obliged to replicate his visa or authorisation by paying the equivalent of US $ 1,500, or US $ 321. PLEASE APPEND THE COPY OF THE VISA RESULT if the visa application has been submitted by the visa holder. Passports must be valid for six month or more with three or more pages not used.

Claimants who would not pick up their visa (noted in passport) should send a note authorising them to pick up their visa and pass. Your cover note should contain full name, ID or ID numbers and contacts. The visa charge is non-refundable. Plan at least 21 working day for the visa to be processed.

Vaccinations against jaundice are not a prerequisite for entry into Botswana. Please fill out and return your application to:

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