Myanmar Embassy Singapore Visa

Embassy of Myanmar Singapore Visa

It is strongly recommended that you visit our official website at the Embassy, myanmarembassy. sg, and receive instructions for applying for a visa before making an appointment.

You can find the details here if you still want to apply for a visa yourself. I' ve just called the Embassy of Myanmar in Washington D.C. to ask for a tourist visa for Myanmar. I will start my trip to Myanmar by applying for a tourist visa. Burma-Singapore Visa Exemption Agreement (English).

Singapore Myanmar Visa for US nationals (tourists) - Myanmar Forum

Hi fellas, I'm going from California to Singapore and Myanmar in 10 working nights. I' ll be in Singapore for 10 of them. I' ve just phoned the Embassy of Myanmar in Washington D.C. to ask for a Myanmar Tourism Visa. I have been given a visa at the Embassy of Myanmar in Singapore.

Now when I go to the Myanmar Embassy in Singapore, "I am notified that online dates for visa requests can be accepted by Singaporeans and Singapore long term visa applicants; PR/EP/SP/WP" This means that I cannot request a visa for Singapore because I am a Singapore traveler (without a Singaporean residence or work permit).

They said again that I could get a Singapore visa for travel. Has anyone from the USA experienced a Myanmar visa application in Singapore? Are you allowing U.S. citizens to obtain a Myanmar visa? We' re really concerned because we don't have enough to get a visa for Myanmar from the embassy in Washington D.C. We're in California and we're leaving for Singapore in less than 10 day.

Did you book your Myanmar journey with a travel agent why have you never been to TA, as all the information about visa/timeframe/arrangements is in the top questions on the right hand side and would have spared you the upheaval. Only a few get-togethers ended my journey a few nights ago.

Incidentally, I also asked about the visa upon arrival at the Myanmar embassy in D.C. and they said that I did not get a visa upon arrival - it is for business visa only. Tourists' pre-arranged visa is available and it will take about 2 weeks, however, as sbiverswimmer said that case is solid, but it is still possible.

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of the myanmar agencies and they will find out to help you. The visa application form must be sent at least two week before the date of your visa application. We' ll be sending the requests to the different departments in the new capitol Nay Pyi Taw. Upon receipt of the permit, we will notify the carrier that the entry visa has been cleared so that the carrier will allow you to take the plane to Myanmar.

You will receive a copy of your entry permit, as the aviation authority can verify the documentation we have already obtained. As soon as you have arrived at Yangon International Airports, go to the visa desk on your way to the immigrant office. Your immigrant will verify the documentation we have and the visa will be included on your visa.

Eventually, you will go to the airports immigrant stands to verify your visa (and if necessary, like others). Once again - I will be in Singapore for 10 of them. Has anyone from the USA experienced a Myanmar visa application in Singapore? Does the Myanmar Embassy in Singapore allow U.S. visitors to request a Myanmar visa?

Can I try to get a pre-arranged visa on-line, but since I am in Singapore for 10 nights, why not directly from the Embassy of Myanmar, if possible? When you enter "Singapore Visa" in the above text box, which will link you to topics related to this topic, then all recent ones seem to show that you cannot obtain your visa there, as this function is only available to Singaporeans.

Unfortunately, wherever I have seen it on the public pages, I have clearly stated that a pre-arranged visa (visa on arrival) is only for CUSTOMERS. Whilst certain groups of corporate travellers have been reported to be able to obtain a visa upon arriving under this programme, Burmese immigration officers have denied access to some travellers who thought they could arrive without a visa.

Pending the Burmese government's further definition of the program's qualification, travellers are encouraged not to consider the visa as an entry visa option. "Unfortunately, wherever I have seen it on the public pages, I have clearly stated that a pre-arranged visa (visa on arrival) is only valid for VISA CUSTOMERS. Here and on other pages there are often places of visitors who have to pay their agents for a pre-arranged visa, which will be picked up on your arrivals.

An agent was recommended to you in #2, but another two and a half day has gone by, so I think it's unlikely now that it could be set up. In my view, the "visa on arrival" (for businessmen) and the "pre-arranged visa on arrival" (for tourists) are two different units. When you are decided to go to Myanmar (and cannot get a VOA because of logistic problems), and your flight ticket belongs to the category that allows changes, why not cut the Singapore trip to Bangkok (in my view ten day is more than enough in Singapore), and go to Bangkok.

In a few working hours, I believe you can get a Myanmar visa there - maybe one. You' re going to Myanmar. I' m not sure if you need a route within Myanmar to get the visa.

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