Myanmar Embassy Singapore Passport Renewal Application Form

Application form for passport renewal at the Embassy of Myanmar in Singapore

There is no application form available for download for the renewal of the passport procedure. To create an account on the website of the Embassy of Myanmar, click on "Register". Choose "Application for a new passport". Myanmar passport extension form popularity. A lot of maids opt for renewal in Singapore because they have more comfort and less hassle.

Embassy of Burma in Singapore

Displaying 1-10 of 14 reviews, newest first. I' d like to work in Singapore because the pay issue and my friend is also in Singapore. If an embassy is listing contacts on a website, it should hire someone to take the phone call. This site is not helping and there is no support to help you.

There is no application form available for the renewal of the passport. are 15 inclusive my grandfathers and my grandmothers. THE EMBASSY IS CLOSED. im looking for my length length father, his name is tONY TOH, as far as I know it is from singapore, don't know the precise venue. hop ital someone can help me out. mon adresse enamel est medicine sbunny27@yahoo. com comme mon compte as my facialbook. le nom de ma mère est Geraldine Navarrete de CEBU PHILIPPINES. j'espère que certains1 peuvent m'aider. je veux juste connaître mon père. je veux juste le savoir.

Recently I went to Myanmar embassy to resuscitate my passport, and I had the worse experiences of my whole lifetime, which made me down because I was a Myanmar national. Before renewing, I made an on-line meeting, prepare all the documentation described on the website and even contact the Embassy to validate the necessary documentation for the renewal of the passport.

I was asked on the real date to present the documentation not listed on the formal website and not on the client advisor's mailing citation. When I was looking for a career after graduating, I had to cover some additional fees like Services Chares, Income Taxi Chares mainly for 3 month while keeping my Long Term Visits Pass & 150 SGD for passport extension.

It was a surprise to me that we have to spend $150 on the renewal of the passport alone, while other states do not ask more than $50 for each of them. It was the worse thing to ask for funds because the documentation that was NOT listed on the OFFICIAL WEBSITE could not be presented. When I was arguing with the official, I was asked to know which paper to take with me to refresh my passport, and the support representative knows nothing.

I asked myself how I should know what to take with me if these papers were not even mentioned& how can I make such a client advisor if he doesn't know anything? Spending all of my days at the embassy, I wasted my precious little extra travel back to my home and didn't get my passport until 6pm.

I' m very disillusioned with the embassy's services, the recruitment of embassy personnel and the amount of material needed for each one. At the end of the afternoon I talked to the relevant personnel and explained what I had been through, and they reassured me that they would give officer comment.

This is the kind of message that a message offers to its own citizens? I' ve been reading some uncomfortable commentaries about the staff of the Embassy of Myanmar, but my present situation was completely different. In the Myanmar embassy this mornings I went to get a touristic permit and the woman who was serving me was really kind and supportive.

I needed less than 5 minutes to file my application because I have all the necessary documentation according to the Visa Guide on the website of the Embassy of Myanmar and should pick it up the same morning around 4.30 pm. Actually, I also e-mailed the message on Sat n received a response at 9.

All in all, I would give my message 10/10 today, which is a great grade. I' ve been in Myanmar's embassy for months and still can't reach them. It' very annoying with such a service from the embassy. If there is no application form to get your passport and no one to give you advice or guidance on the procedure, how will I get it renewed?

Are these the kind of service we were expecting here in Singapore? You are invited to exchange your experience with the Burmese Embassy - get visa and other related information, locate the premises and so on. As your remarks can be viewed by the general public, we ask that you do not provide any personal information.

The website is not run by the Embassy and your remarks and queries are not necessarily seen by your employees. Notice that this is not a platform for a wide discussion on Burma's external policies (Myanmar), and such issues will be removed.

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