Myanmar Embassy Singapore Passport Renewal

Singapore Myanmar Embassy Renewal of Passport

Passport renewal; passport loss/damage; newborn baby passport; from seaman's passport to farm work passport. ((Photo in the embassy for use in the MRP passport).

You' ll be notified when your new passport is ready for collection. If you have questions about visa and passport requirements, please contact the embassy in Singapore directly. The Myanmar Visa Application Appointment and Queue Number Reservation System.

Ambassador of the Republic of Myanmar " Embassy of Myanmar

Claimants wishing to modify their PJ passport and PJ passport holder must present a copy and originals of the WP,S-Pass,EP&PR cards with re-entry form 7. In the case of women citizens who are spouses of aliens, the claimant must present the payment of the airline fare SGD$500.

Applicants who are women citizens and who are spouses of aliens must present the payment slip for the airline fare SGD$500. to the embassy officer and must endorse the General/Special Power Form. Applicants must make an on-line meeting and come to the embassy on working days.

Passport renewal

People of Myanmar who hold a normal Myanmar passport and their families are entitled to request a new passport if their passport has only a few empty pages or if the passport is valid for less than six inches. Once the new passport has been received, it is essential for the applicant to hand the old passport back to the embassy after the new passport has been issued with the new one.

This is necessary because the embassy must pass old passes to the Passport Issuing Board in Myanmar according to current regulations and processes. The passport renewal charge (fee: *AUD 30*Australian $30) must be payed by currency order (the name of the *Myanmar embassy as the recipient ** and the name of the payer must be indicated on the back of the payment order*).

PLEASE NOTE: A fine of AUD 30 (Australian Dollarsthirty) will be imposed if the request for renewal of the passport is filed after the expiration of the validity of the passport.

Passport request and renewal

Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) has introduced a new system (Application for Passport Online Electronic System or Apples) that Singaporeans can use to request or update their passes over the dot. As an alternative, passport applications can be picked up at the Consular Section of the Singapore Embassy. Fill in the request sheet and submit it to the Consular Section of the Singapore Embassy:

Your enquiry will be sent to ICA for further handling. You' ll be informed when your new passport is available for pickup. Passports that are 10 years old cannot be renewed. To renew a passport under 10 years of age, please submit your passport and your visa to the Consular Section of the Singapore Embassy.

Your inquiry will be forwarded to ICA for further handling.

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