Myanmar Embassy Singapore

Embassy of Myanmar Singapore

Visas for Singaporean citizens are administrative entry restrictions imposed by the authorities of other countries on Singaporean citizens. In Jakarta, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Vietnam and ASEAN. SinaporeĀ ???

Other Centres. I wonder if anyone went through the embassy in Singapore to come to Myanmar. They can apply for a visa either through an agency or directly from the Embassy of Myanmar in Singapore.

Embassy of Myanmar in Singapore

The Myanmar Embassy in SINGAPORE is a communications agency between the Government of Myanmar and SINGAPORE. She is the Myanmar's legal agent in SINGAPORE. Below you will find important information about the Myanmar Embassy for SINGAPORE and how to obtain your Myanmar visa: SINGAPORE' nationals or resident may select one of three ways to obtain a Myanmar visa:

  • First, please directly go to the Myanmar Embassy in SINGAPORE and request your Myanmar Visas as described above. - Second, request Myanmar e-visa for timesaving. This way you will receive Myanmar visas before departure from SINGAPORE to Myanmar so that you can collect your visas at the arrival airports.

For a better understanding of how Myanmar e-Visa works and how you can get a more secure and quicker than before.

Myanmar Visa

Failure of the Myanmar immigration authorities to ensure a proper and efficient immigration policy will require a clear comprehension of the gradual accommodation procedures and the necessary documentation. If you have at least two blank pages in your Myanmar citizenship card, please make sure it is in your citizenship card and that it is issued at least six month from the date of departure from Myanmar.

After everything has been verified and you have qualified for the preceding stage, please proceed with the recruitment procedure as described below. Select the desired kind of visa: Visas are issued for tourists, recreation, sports or culture and are effective for 90 nights from the date of issue.

You will only be given an entrance permit for a maximum of 28 nights. More information, charges and the full set of necessary documentation can be found on the Myanmar Tourist Visas page. We will issue a regular commercial visas for those who will be inviting to Myanmar for commercial and domestic purposes.

More information, charges and the full set of necessary documentation can be found on the Myanmar Business Visas page.

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