Myanmar Embassy Philippines

Embassy of Myanmar Philippines

Myanmar Embassy Visa Form. The address, phone number and email address of the Burmese Embassy in Manila, Philippines. Here you will find information about the Embassy of Myanmar in Manila, Philippines, including address, phone, fax, email, opening hours, website and ambassador. Myanmar Embassy in Makati, Philippines. Please contact the Embassy of Myanmar in Makati.

Embassy of Myanmar in the Philippines

The Myanmar Embassy in PHILIPPINES is a communications agency between the Government of Myanmar and PHILIPPINES. She is the Myanmar's legal agent in PHILIPPINES. Below you will find important information about the Myanmar Embassy for PHILIPPINES and how to obtain your Myanmar visa: PHILIPPINES nationals or resident may select one of the following three ways to obtain a Myanmar visa:

  • First, please directly request and get your Myanmar Visas at the Myanmar Embassy in PHILIPPINES at the above adress. - Second, request Myanmar e-visa for timesaving. This way you will receive Myanmar visas before departure from PHILIPPINES to Myanmar so that you can collect your Myanmar visas at the incoming Aiport.

For a better understanding of how Myanmar e-Visa works and how you can get a more secure and quicker than before.

Myanmar Embassy in Manila

Myanmar Embassy in Manila - Philippines. This website contains contacts and addresses of the Embassy of Myanmar in Manila. For information about the Myanmar Embassy's Philippine Embassy consultative offices. If there is no Myanmar embassy in Manila, you can get in touch with an embassy in a neighbouring state.

It is the Philippines' capitol and attracts many international and domestic tourists. However, more and more Filipino nationals are also traveling abroad for tourist or commercial reasons. In order to serve these individuals in the field of diplomacy, many overseas territories have set up embassies and counsel.

One of the tasks of missions abroad is to provide domestic and international nationals with services in the area of visa and passport law. Myanmar's embassy in Manila is the highest civil servant and acts as Myanmar's government's senior diplomatic and spokesman.

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