Myanmar Embassy Passport Renewal Appointment

Burma Embassy Pass Renewal Appointment

Please click on "Online appointment reservation for the consular service". Please bring the necessary documents to your appointment. It is not possible for the embassy or consulate to make photocopies for you. The form must be signed during your appointment in the presence of a consular officer. A passport or other travel document with at least two blank pages must be presented.

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Myanmar demands that American citizens who enter the state must be valid for at least six month in their passport. If you are planning to visit Burma, please ensure that your passport is valid for at least six month and that at least two empty "visa" pages remain before you leave. If you are a traveler, please keep a copy of your passport separate from your passport.

If the passport is lost or stolen, the copy makes it easier to obtain a new one. If required, the US Embassy will issue complete and temporary US-Passes. As of December 31, 2015, no additional pages for visas can be added to US citizens' US citizens' passes. Anyone in Burma, even a minor who applies for a U.S. passport, must attend the embassy in order to do so.

Deadlines are required for all passport requests, with the exclusion of emergencies. Any non-urgent day-to-day service is by appointment only. Dates are available Mondays and Wednesdays between 1:30 pm and 3:00 pm and can be arranged on-line via the ACS on-line appointment system of the Embassy. If you need help with your emergencies, please call or e-mail us directly.

NOTE: Do not bring rucksacks, cases, large pockets, laptop computers, pills, camera, electronic charger and headphones to the embassy. Give two a week to process new US passes. The passport must be picked up by the petitioner or authorised agent from the Consulate. No appointment is required to collect your passport.

More information on U.S. passport support at Note that some passport applications processes abroad may differ depending on the countries in which the passport is applied for.

Appointments Visa Myanmar from Singapore - Myanmar Forum

I just arranged an appointment for a Myanmar visa at the Myanmar Embassy in Singapore. Somewhere in the note the following was written: "The petitioner must be at the embassy before 8:00 am" The point is that the embassy does not open until 9:00 am.

Hello, I did the same (i.e. a Myanmar Visum appointment with the Myanmar Embassy online) and have an appointment. I had to submit a passport photograph in this appointment on-line job offer - is this the photograph used on the passport in your passport? or is it only used to identify you when you go to your appointment (as you will need to take 2 passport photographs with you each and every single working day anyway)?

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