Myanmar Embassy Malaysia Visa Form

Embassy of Myanmar Malaysia Visa Form

Visa application form. Malaysia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, India. After the doors opened, we collected the application forms and filled them in while we were in the queue. A VOA application form can be downloaded here. Multiple-entry business visas can only be applied for at the Embassy of Myanmar overseas.

Burma Visa in Kuala Lumpur

The Myanmar Visaservice in Malaysia is no longer available at the Myanmar Mission on Jalan Ampang Hilir! Burma Visaservice has been relocated to Ever Fine Travel & Tour Sdn Bhd (near Masjid Jarmek LRT Station). Passes are still sent to the consulate for handling, but the consulate no longer offers a direct visaservice.

The Ever Fine Travel & Tour is open from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm. Visas are collected between 4 pm and 5 pm (usually on the same day). You need two pictures, one stuck on the request and one stuck on the request sheet. For those who do not take a photograph (10 Ringgits), a photographic services is available at the school.

How to get a Myanmar visa in Kuala Lumpur? Situated on the second level of the Happy Holiday Hotel (near the Coffee Box), opposite McDonalds, about 50 metres from Masjid Jarmek LRT train terminal. At the Happy Holiday Hotel, go through the foyer and take the elevator (floor M).

More about OSC

Bukti Megah Ltd. has been awarded by the Ministry of the Interior of Malaysia. The Embassy of Malaysia, Yangon would like to announce that the One-Stop Center (OSC) for all Yangon visas will open on December 1, 2015.

Since then, all normal Myanmar passportholders traveling to Malaysia will be asked to do so. Yangon, the Embassy of Malaysia, does not approve visas from common people. One-Stop Centre (OSC) offers central and effective client services through fast, convenient and dependable information.

The One-Stop Centre (OSC) aims to offer an individual and welcoming and service-oriented approach that satisfies the needs of all clients.

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