Myanmar Embassy Malaysia Visa Application

Embassy of Myanmar Malaysia Visa Application

Myanmar embassy in Malaysia has outsourced the visa application to an agency called Everfine Services. Visas Department, Admin & ASEAN, Politics & ASEAN, Consular Section. The passports are still sent to the embassy for processing, but the embassy no longer offers a direct visa service. The aim is to simplify the application process for visitors, especially from countries that do not have an embassy in Myanmar. Myanmar's foreign visitors must apply for a visa.

Where can I get a Myanmar visa for Malaysians?

Formerly a self-contained land, Myanmar has become a hotspot for tourists, and the number of coaches will rise further as Lonely Planet has declared it one of its top holiday destination for 2017. Myanmar has made great strides in the tourism sector - there are plenty of comfortable interurban coaches, there are plenty of hotels and the ticket prices are excellent.

Myanmar's only thing I really want to see no improvement is the smugglers. Buddha is still happily sincere, but I am afraid the travelling bounty will turn Myanmar into another Thailand or Cambodia. Right now Myanmar is a very beautiful place to go with some of the most sincere and inviting people I have ever known.

Let us pray that the tourist booming does not alter the town. Malaysian people traveling to Myanmar for work, vacation or a spiritual retreat must obtain a prior IED. Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to get a Myanmar Visas in Kuala Lumpur. First, you can submit your application through the Myanmar eVisa website, which requires a USD $50 entry fee visas.

You can also talk to a person and send your job applications to the travel agent in KL. Myanmar's Malaysian ambassador has relocated the request to an agent named Everfine Services. It' simple to get your Myanmar visas and can be applied for either on-line or in the official Myanmar offices.

When you request a medication visas, you will also need a note from the medication center. As one applies: If you wish to obtain your visas the same date, please send in your application before 11am. Collection of the pass is around 4 pm. Arriving after 11am, you must keep your pass with them and collect it the next morning.

The friendly staff at the visas bureau will give you an enrolment request and ask for all the necessary proof. In Myanmar, the costs for a standard Myanmar traveler' s permit are RM170+ for the entry and RM50+ for the administration fees, i.e. RM220-ish in total. A meditation visas are a little more costly.

For Myanmar, you can also request a Myanmar travel permit through Everfine's website. For a small charge of RM20, on-line candidates can have their visas sent to them or they can collect them from the school. There was no waiting line at Everfine Services when I applied for the permit and I was very prompt.

When I gave them my funds, I dumped all my passports and papers with them and was asked to come back the next morning to collect them. It took no more than 30 mins to complete the entire bidding procedure. However, they have postponed the collection of my pass by one full year. At the end it took three and a half working nights until my visas were up.

Luckily I submitted my resume about four working nights before my plane ride, otherwise I would not have been able to move! Myanmar Malaysian Tourism Visas are for one time only and are issued for 3 month from the date of your request. Travelers are only permitted to spend a total of 28 nights in the countryside.

It is not the longest journey but 28 long enough to get to know Myanmar off the beetle-stained highways. Typically, any resort you are checking into in Myanmar will ask you to fill out a foreigner report card. You will be asked for your identity and visas, as well as your number, date of your request and the like.

Several areas in Myanmar are still restricted to foreign nationals and entry into them requires a specific permit from the Myanmar government. Myanmar has some of the best backpackers I have ever been to. These are the lodgings I recommended in Myanmar:

Savor Myanmar and make sure you have a tasty mohinga with a pinch of crispytomatoes!

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