Myanmar Embassy Malaysia Visa Application

Embassy of Myanmar Malaysia Visa Application

Note: Malaysians can apply for Myanmar Tourist Visa at Ever Fine Services. On arrival, Malays can apply for a Myanmar Evisa or Myanmar visa for tourist or business purposes. Second, apply for Myanmar e-visa to save time. The Myanmar Visa Service in Malaysia is no longer available at the Myanmar Embassy on Jalan Ampang Hilir! Malaysian visa applicants can now receive their stamps within one day - and reduce the risk of fraud, according to the Diamond Palace group of companies.

eVisa application in Malaysia

Any Malaysian resident can request a Myanmar Tourism or Commercial Visa. Today, a Myanmar e-Visa (ETA) is the most comfortable and quickest of many suggested routes through lower visa fees. Reserving a visa on line can be the quickest and quickest way for anyone who touches a Myanmar visa.

The visa on your return is the visa application procedure via web, then you will collect your visa upon your return to Myanmar International Airports. By plane to Myanmar at Yangon Mandalay International Airports, an easy and quick way to get a full visa stamps or take an e-visa before departure.

It' easier to realise high impact and useful for those who do not have much free personal application to the embassy and saving costs. This is the exact same visa that has been granted by a Myanmar embassy or consulate, with similar restrictions and requirements for entry into Myanmar.

As soon as your order was successful, we will help you to complete a visa application (see picture) within 3-4 working day after Myanmar, in consultation with Myanmar Immigration. To get a visa at the Myanmar destination airports. Please be aware that the visa thus granted has the same validity and the same terms and means for comparison with the visa granted by the Embassy of Myanmar overseas.

How the authorization letters look like. They must come themselves and obtain a visa from the Myanmar embassy or consulate in Malaysia: Added: 8(C), JALAN AMPANG HILIR, 55000, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Please be sure to fully prepared the necessary visa application documentation at the Myanmar Embassy before you arrive to help you gain your visa.

Usually the Embassy may require 10-14 working day to verify your visa application and you will be asked for a visa charge once you have applied for and left your initial visa so that they can verify whether or not you can obtain a Myanmar visa (without a reimbursement in some cases).

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