Myanmar Embassy in Vietnam

Embassy of Myanmar in Vietnam

Viet Nam has an embassy in Yangon. Begin with a look at the website of the Embassy of Myanmar in Hanoi:

The address, phone number and email address of the Burmese Embassy in Hanoi, Vietnam. Obtain an entry visa at the Vietnamese embassies in Myanmar. When you apply for a visa for Vietnam personally at the Vietnamese Embassy in Myanmar, you should know:.

Embassy of Myanmar in Vietnam

The Embassy of Myanmar in Vietnam is a communications agency between the Government of Myanmar and Vietnam. She is Myanmar's legal agent in Vietnam. Below you will find important information about the Myanmar Embassy for Vietnam and how to obtain your Myanmar visa: Vietnamese nationals or resident may select one of the following three ways to obtain a Myanmar visa:

  • First, please directly at the Myanmar Embassy in Vietnam to get your Myanmar Visas. - Second, request Myanmar e-visa for timesaving. This way you will receive a Myanmar visas before departure to Myanmar so that you can collect your Myanmar visas at the arrival airports.

For a better understanding of how Myanmar e-Visa works and how you can get a more secure and quicker than before.

HCMC Myanmar Visas, Vietnam - Myanmar Message Board

She is a Vietnamesin; I am only here to share with her while we await her request for the PR visas to Canada. By the end of February we are planning to come to Myanmar and thank you for any help or counsel. Visas should normally be issued in Hanoi instead of Ho Chi Minh town.

If you cannot use Evisa, pm me, I will present you some examples. Thank you for your answer, mananmarguide. It is located at: 50 S?m S?n, station 4, Tân Bình region, HCMC. When you have called, you can here the vietnamesian vote, push "102" to speak with the tightness to ask what information you need to know.

And, remember, they will stop working for Lunar New Year in Vietnam, so you need to make a schedule to get the visas. Have a good stay and a pleasant vacation in Myanmar. However, after speaking with the Ambassador of Myanmar in Hanoi, I requested a HCMC welfare visas.

You said it would take about five working nights, so you'd have to mail the pass to Hanoi.

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