Myanmar Embassy in usa

Embassy of Myanmar in the usa

A detailed listing of Myanmar consulates and embassies with contact, address and website information for U.S.-based consulates and embassies. Click here for more information. Request a visa for Myanmar.

myanmar visa application and requirements. The general requirements for a tourist or business visa. The Permanent Mission of the Republic of Myanmar to the United Nations.

Embassy of Myanmar in the United States of America

The US government on June 29, 2012 proclaimed the appointment of the first United States Ambassador to Burma. Shortly thereafter, the Myanmar government opened its representation in Washington DC, now it is the Union of Myanmar's embassy in the United States of America. The on-line visa application procedure takes 1-3 working day (application at the embassy can take up to 1 week) to obtain your visa.

  • Money in Myanmar is Kyat (MMK). The US Dollars are a favourite in Myanmar. - For up-to-the minute information on current conditions, holiday and Myanmar tours please do not hesitate to do so.

Getting a visa to Myanmar

Burma (or Burma as the US administration calls it) is a small, mostly rural Asian state. Recently, the state has relaxed tourist regulations and allowed foreign nationals to come for tourist activities, although it is discouraging journalists and humanity. United States State Department strongly recommends that U.S. residents enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program before traveling to Myanmar.

The Myanmar Embassy states that your visa must be issued at least six month after your scheduled sojourn. When you travel for tourist use, you must prove your travel in the foto-copied air ticket, itinerary or letter of acknowledgement from your travel agent.

Let us photograph you for your use. Be sure to include at least two 35 x 45 mm (approx. 1.4 x 1.7 inches) photos for your use. To apply for a Myanmar citizenship permit, please click here. There are four different kinds of uses available: tourism, community, business or meditative studies. Fill out your full job description. You will need to fill out a document that lists your whereabouts.

You will need a written request to the Embassy and a filled out biographical application with a photograph. Travellers must present a recommendation from the Myanmar or U.S.-based firm on government letters. You will need a Memorandum to the Messenger, a Biographical Memorandum and a Sponsorhip Note from the Centre in which you will participate.

Compile the remaining applications requests. Send your resume by post or manually to the Embassy of Myanmar. Don't send your request more than three month before your travel, as the license is only issued for three month from the date of issuance. Depending on the use, the estimated turnaround will take six working day.

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