Myanmar Embassy in Thailand

Embassy of Myanmar in Thailand

Further security precautions will be taken upon entry into the embassy. Within the Myanmar VISA application offices, queues wind around the room, one for foreigners, a second for Thais. Myanmar Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand . Note: (M)= Myanmar Holidays (T) = Thai Holidays. Burma (outside your home country) is the embassy of Myanmar in Thailand.

Wrong bombs found in Myanmar embassy in Bangkok

Safety precautions were stepped up after a counterfeit bombing was found in the pass offices of the old Myanmar embassy in Bangkok, Thailand, Labour Attache U San Maung Oo said on Monday. Thai policemen have been notified of a suspect pocket in the embassy. Inspectorate found that the pocket was a watch, a metal tube with ribbons and a counterfeit bombshell with brown ricefal.

"The Thai government is currently in the process of establishing Further safety precautions will be taken upon arrival at the embassy. Tonight we are having a summit on the safety of the embassy. We' re going to step up security," U San Maung Oo said to the Myanmar Times on Monday. The areas include the passports department and the accommodation for employees are guarded by the Thai army, the Thai policemen and the competent embassy team.

The Burmese and Thai Ministry of State have agreed to allow Thai nationals to enter Myanmar in two week's time without a valid entry permit from September 2015.

The Burmese and Thailand State Departments have agreed to allow Thailand nationals to enter Myanmar in two week's time without a valid entry permit from September 2015. The treaty provides that regular pass owners from both nations will receive 14 day visa-free trips through 23 Thailand airfields and the three Naypyidaw, Rangoon and Mandalay airport complex.

Currently there are seven carriers offering flights between the two states. Finally, the treaty will cover the Myawaddy, Tachileik, Htee Khee and Kawthaung transitions, the four most patronised control points along the borders between the two states. Thailand's citizens have had the highest percentage of international travellers for years, last year's figure being a new 3 million tourists.

Aung Myat Kyaw, PhD, President of the Union of Myanmar Travellers Association, is expecting Thailand's attendance to be at the top of the agenda again. While Burma's agencies are preparing for a prognosis of 5 million tourists arriving in 2015, the Chinese administration plans to open more coastlines and border regions for travelling and provide more facilities for historic attractions.

Nearly 70,000 Thailand travellers came to Burma between January and May this year, followed by almost 45,000 from China, according to the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism. After last year's ASEAN meeting in Naypyidaw, Burma has committed to conclude treaties with Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Brunei and the Philippines to achieve exemption from visas for regular pass holder by the end of 2015.

You either have a waiver or not, you still need a valid 6 months or more.

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