Myanmar Embassy in Malaysia Renew Passport

New passport for Myanmar embassy in Malaysia

Renewal of the Myanmar Pass in KL, Malaysia. The Malaysian language in Myanmar can renew its passports through the Malaysian Embassy. Since then, all normal Myanmar passport holders travelling to Malaysia will be asked to submit a visa application to the OSC. This article focuses on the tourist visa. You can also obtain the package tour visa (EVT) from the Embassy of Myanmar in London and other embassies worldwide.

Embassy of Malaysia in Yangon, Myanmar

Myanmar's government recognised the Federation of Malaya when it became an autonomous state on 31 August 1957 and the first Myanmar ambassadorial missions were established in June 1959 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It was later expanded to the embassy as well. Diplomacy relations resumed when the Federation of Malaya became the Federation of Malaysia on 16 September 1963 and Singapore was detached from the Federation of Malaysia on 9 August 1965 to become an autonomous federation.

While Myanmar and Malaysia have established a friendly relations, Myanmar has no strong relations with Malaysia. It is recommended that visa applications are submitted in good notice (e.g. 6 month before the expiry of the passport or if the passport still has 3 pages), as the extension also takes some considerable work.

The following are the prerequisites for the passport renewal: Passport is valid for 5 years. It will take three (3) to six (6) month, subject to Passport Section, Immigration Malaysia Headquarters, Putrajaya permission. Passport loss abroad All passport loss requests are thoroughly examined by the immigration authorities in Malaysia before they can be replaced.

Passports are important documents, so they must always be in the care of the owner. Under the protocol, the issuance of a new passport due to forfeiture usually lasts a longer period of residency, as it is at the sole discretion of Malaysia's immigration authorities when they will complete the investigation of the forfeiture.

It' important that you notify the next policestation of a missing passport. If not, please ask for a notice or a piece of paper with the postal adress of the local law enforcement agency and ask them to fill in the registration number.

Announce the incident to the next police station and file the incident with the next Malaysian mission. Other documents that can be used as evidence of nationality, such as MyKad, driver's license, birth certificates & etc. The mission issues an emergency medical record that allows the individual to return home to Malaysia (one-way trip).

The emergency certification is as follows: - 2 current colour photographs (3.5 cm x 5.0 cm); - Identity document; - Birth certificates (if available); Other support The Embassy also provides the following additional benefits and helps in the following cases: Myanmar; - Service of court papers to indictees in Malaysia or Myanmar; - Obtainment of foreign aircraft diplomats' permits for Malaysia's aircraft crossing or arriving in Myanmar; - Localization of Malaysians in Myanmar; - Arrest of Malaysians in Myanmar; - Emergency situations such as riots, floods, earthquakes, etc.

Malaysia's Ministry of State is encouraging all Malaysia travellers to enroll at their embassy or consulate when entering another state. Registering with the Embassy will help the Embassy deliver important service to Malaysians living or travelling abroad. Several of these activities include: Localisation of persons in case of familial or individual emergency, * Provision of important information on travelling and security in the area, * Organisation of emergency transport in case of disasters or riots, * A range of other administration related documents.

The embassy's capacity to deliver these additional information is greatly limited without the information provided by it. As many of these departments are involved in emergencies and pressure of pressure, non-registration will almost certainly cause delay when you can least finance it.

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