Myanmar Embassy in la

Embassy of Myanmar in la

Consulate General of Myanmar in Los Angeles, United States. Consulate General of Myanmar in Los Angeles, United States. This page also contains all other Myanmar consulates in the United States. The step-by-step instructions will guide you through the process. from the Chinese Consulate General in Los Angeles:

The Myanmar Consulate in Los Angeles

Burmese Embassy in the United States. This page provides information on certain aspects such as information on the consulate's contacts, website, opening times of the local branch and itinerary. Myanmar's Los Angeles Embassy is not the only Myanmar embassy in the United States. This page also contains all other Myanmar embassies in the United States.

Opening hours: To make an appointement at the Myanmar Embassy in the United States, please go to the consulate's website first. Myanmar Embassy in Los Angeles can provide you with information on the range of offered service. Before visiting, always consult the Myanmar Embassy, as not every U.S. embassy provides visas and/or passports.

Insurance for the United States. Attention: The opening times of the Embassy may differ. Please always get in touch with the Embassy before visiting.

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PLEASE NOTE: The Myanmar Visas are valid for a one-time arrival within three month from the date of issuance and may not last longer than 4week. Your residency permit must be valid for at least six additional month and contain at least one empty page for the issuance of the permit. OUTDOOR VISA: TOURIST outdoor visa: tourist, travelling, commercial, engagement and embassy visas speed up the procedure.

THE VISA FEE REGULATION: PLE SEND ALL YOUR DOCUMENTS: To see the visa regulations for another countries, please click on the first character of the name of the country:

Myanmar Expedited Social Visas

Once you have placed your order, you will receive the postal adress to which you can submit your resume for further work. What kind of visa do you need? Myanmar has several different kinds of visas to get to Myanmar. Among the most favoured are a tourist visa, an ETV tourist visa and a business visa.

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