Myanmar Embassy Contact number

Embassy of Myanmar Contact Number

Myanmar Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand. Adress, telephone number, e-mail address, website, opening hours, employees. Burmese Embassy (Myanmar) in Dhaka. As a rule, contacting a Myanmar embassy by telephone or mail does not produce any results. Please contact the Consular Section for visa and passport enquiries:

Ambassadorship of the Republic of Myanmar, London

Which kind of visa can I request on-line? They can only request eVisa for tourists and businesses. When I have more than one pass, can I request the visa with the information from the first pass and then use the second pass? Travellers can access Myanmar with the eVisa-certificate.

Are there any restrictions on the issuance of a business visa invitation? If I travel with Group Tour, can I request an eVisa? Groups can also request eVisa on-line. Individuals must submit an application and make separate payments. Is it possible to have my visa printed in black and white? I' m late and my eVisa has run out.

Is it possible to modify the expiry date of my electronic passport? There is no way we can modify the expiry date of your electronic passport. It is recommended that you request a new one. I' m planning to go from Myanmar to another land and back to Myanmar. Will I have to request two different types of student ID cards within such a brief timeframe?

Yes, you must request two eVisas. Every eVisa is unique to a particular record. I' m planning to go to Myanmar three month later, can I send my resume now? Allowed visas are effective for (90) day. Can I obtain a tourist visas from Myanmar embassy if my eVisa request is rejected?

Visas can be applied for at the Myanmar Embassy or on-line at eVisa. However, the guidelines for verifying visas are the same for all messages and on-line applicants. And I know that (100) eVisa and touristic visas are accepted for Myanmar. We' re planning to take the position over gradually.

Can I know if I can participate in a Yangon International eVisa all-inclusive? If Myanmar has introduced eVisa on-line, will Visas on Arrival and the Embassy of Myanmar still be issuing visas? Visas can be applied for on-line or at your nearest Myanmar embassy.

Visas on arrival are for business visas only. What departments can I contact to ask about eVisas? For Myanmar Immigration please call 067-431125, contact mm,[email protected] Can I know the laws and requirements for visas violations? May I contact any embassy in Myanmar to verify the state of my electronic visas?

No, please verify your e-visa e-visa state on-line. e-visa will be sent directly to the e-mail addresses you provide after approval. Do I get my e-visa by mail or do I pick it up at the Myanmar checkout? No, please verify your e-visa e-visa state on-line. e-visa will be sent directly to the e-mail addresses you provide after approval.

Where do I get my eVisa approval letter? If your eVisa request has been accepted, a letter of approval will be sent to the e-mail addresses you provide. You can also use the visa request status query at to get your letter of approval. Notice that the downlaod is only available for authorized applications.

If you have any guidelines regarding the granting of immigration permits, if they have a copy of the permit application instead of the originals (or) a photograph of it? The eVisa permit must be printed out and presented to the Immigration Office on your return. What is the number of photocopies of the authorization letters I need to have printed?

If I am travelling with a visa, how many nights can I stay in Myanmar? You are allowed (28) day when you get to Myanmar. We will send you a confirmation email within (1) hours and it will take up to 3 working day to process your e-visa, beginning from the moment we received your request.

Can I know the reason for the refusal? Is there an advanced Holidays and Appeals Procedure with regard to the date of registration? The turnaround takes (3) working day. Please note that eVisa will be processed within (3) working day after receipt of the request from you.

All eventualities (e.g. backup system and web facilities) were taken into account when developing the system. May I pay off-line? We only accept on-line payments by plastic card. Will I get a reimbursement if my request is denied? Paying the filing charge does not constitute a guaranty for the authorisation of a permit.

Will I have to wait in line at the Visas on Arrival counter if I come to Myanmar on eVisa? eVisa is not a Visum on Arrival, so there is no need to apply for a badge. I' ve finished my registration and my money, but there is no e-mail confirming whether or not it is a success, what should I do?

If you do not get a verification message from us, please review your spam or spam folders before you contact us. Yes, I do not get a verification eVisa within (1) hours and how do I get a verification of my order? eVisa system will return a verification emails to your eVisa account upon your order.

You can also use the Visa Application Status Enquiry at to have your proof of purchase printed. How big is the immigration stamps on the eVisa passports? For how long is the authorization notice effective? The authorization notice is effective 90 day from the date of issuance. To ensure your payments are made securely on line, we use SSL (Secure Socket Layers) to protect your personal information.

I have a valid number for my payment order, but it is not acceptable on your system. e ) Your Prepaid Cards are not licensed for payment on line at the Issuing Bank. I' ve already requested a tourist visas via the eVisa-System. May I convert it into a business or social type entry permit? No, visas cannot be modified to other visas such as Business and Social.

Must under 7s who have their own eVisa permit submit a seperate eVisa request? Childrens under 7 years with their own eVisa must request eVisa seperately and must contribute $50 for the eVisa. When your infant is under 7 years of age and is mentioned in the parents' or guardians' passports and accompanies the journey, please fill in the small information contained in the eVisa request from you.

If I have mistyped one of my details (full name / nationality / passport number / e-mail address), can you please change it? Claimants are requested to verify that all information is true and complete prior to making the claim. The eVisa system is not able to refresh or change information that has been provided inaccurately.

It is the applicant's responsibility to give all information correctly and precisely to prevent undue problems when entering Myanmar. Before you submit your resume, we recommend that you ensure that all information is accurate. I' d like more information about Visa on Erival. For more information on Visa on Emerval, please see mm.

Although there are privately-held businesses that handle Myanmar on-line visa applications, they will require much more than the Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population's website.

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