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Embassy of Myanmar Contact

Ambassadorship of the Republic of Myanmar Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. May I contact any embassy in Myanmar to check the status of my eVisa? Yarralumla, Embassy of the Republic of Myanmar, Australia. Myanmar, host country: new window Myanmar. To contact the Visa Site Administrator.

Embassy Rangoon

Burma's Embassy in the UK cultivates and enhances the relationship between the UK and Burma. We also offer diplomatic assistance for UK citizens and a UK visaservice. Learn more on our UK and Burma newsletter page. We offer hospitality to UK citizens who live and visit Burma. When in Burma and in need of help (e.g. you were assaulted, detained or someone died), call +95 (0) 1370865.

When you are in the UK and are concerned about a UK citizen in Burma, call 020 7008 1500. If you are abroad and your pass has been mislaid or stole, broken or out of date and you are unable to obtain a new or substitute pass in good and timely fashion, you can request an urgent trip card.

In the event that the individual requiring the medical card is under the age of 16, a parental or legal guardian should make an application on their behalf. 2. When you arrive within the next 24h, please contact us as soon as possible. When traveling in more than 3 week, please make sure you can get a new or alternative card in good timing.

As a non-UK national, if you believe you may be entitled, contact us to request an urgent trip itinerary. It is recommended that once you have got in touch with us, you make an arrangement for an application for an emergency medical card at the UK Embassy in Rangoon. As a notary, we are able to provide legal advice, which includes the administration of an affirmative or affirmative deed, a signed or notarized copy of a deed.

Have a look at the complete range of our legal and documentation work. For some of our products and solutions we are charging a fee. For the full listing of Burma Consulate charges see.

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YangonHost Country: On September 5, 2016, the Malaysia National Day 2016 welcome took place at the Myanmar Ballroom, Sule Shangri-la Hotel, Yangon, for the 59th time. Malaysia Electronic Visa Services or eVisa in Myanmar will be available to Myanmar, China and India residents from August 15, 2016.

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