Myanmar Embassy Canberra Social Visa

Canberra Embassy Myanmar Social Visa

To obtain an e-visa, please visit the website address: Fees for visas (non-refundable).

Macao visa for Myanmar Passport holders. The Social Visit Visa requires some additional forms to be completed. The passport must be approved by the Embassy of Myanmar in Canberra, Australia.

Social Visa Questions - Myanmar Forum

Hi blokes, I've been looking up this bulletin board as to social visa before I decided to ask a Q&A here, but those other poles got me baffled even more! I am currently a national of Canada, but was borne in Myanmar (and therefore Myanmar is written on my Myanmar passport).

Since I was a child in Myanmar, I have had to get a visa for a social trip to Ottawa, but other postings in this forums said otherwise. I will be spending the night in Myanmar in a hotel and not in a home of my family.

Am I still entitled to a touristic visa? In all honesty, what kind of visa I need to get is not a dilemma, the dilemma is if I need to get a social visa, I have to excavate old documents of my family and my family and of course it is decent.

Even for everyone who volunteered for a social trip to Canadian, how long did it take? when I need my pass at the Myanmar embassy.

Duration of the social visa?

Myanmar tourism visas are valid for 28 nights..... Sozialvisum... is up to 3 month... NOTICE: Former Myanmar residents and their families, as well as those who have been borne in Australia, must also request an ENTRY/SOCIAL VISA. TRAVELERS WHO WANT TO VISIT MYANMAR ARE DIVIDED INTO TWO CATEGORIES: Visas fee of A$ 65.00 per capita, payable in payment in bar, by postal order, check or inscription: A$ 65.00:

To be paid to " EMBASSY OF MYANMAR " Notes: This visa is required for Myanmar within three month from the date of issuance. Requests should be sent to the Embassy at least four (!) week before your planned date of travel from Australia. As well as the above mentioned above, visa holders who have not yet received a Myanmar visa in Canberra should provide a fully filled out MYANMAR LANGUAGE FORM with your genuine Myanmar travel document (passport or identity certificate) and a copy of your Australian citizenship certificate.

Should you have any problems or questions, please do not hesitate to ask the embassy. Candidates who have already received a visa in Canberra (since 1991) should fill in an 8-question questionnaire in German in addition to the other prerequisites. When you have a new pass, please copy the old one and the visa for your references.

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