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Has the Myanmar Embassy website been updated? Yeah, surprised how so many still use the BKK message. Click here for more information on the official website of the Embassy of Myanmar. Shield showing the location of the Embassy of Myanmar. On the day indicated, return to the embassy and collect your visa.

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MYANMAR' s message (Bangkok) Holidays observations? In this case, if a Sunday in Myanmar celebration, in this case Independence Sunday, January 4, 2015, is a Sunday (as this year), will the Myanmar Mission in Bangkok be open on Monday, January 5, 2015? MYANMAR' s message (Bangkok) Holidays observations? MYANMAR' s message (Bangkok) Holidays observations?

MYANMAR' s message (Bangkok) Public Holiday Observations? `Ive verified and on Google it says it's'permanently closed'. MYANMAR' s message (Bangkok) Public Holiday Observations? Will the Myanmar Mission in Bangkok open on March 2, 2015? MYANMAR' s message (Bangkok) Public Holidays observations? MYANMAR' s message (Bangkok) Public Holiday Observations? MYANMAR' s message (Bangkok) Public holidays observations? For 2015, could you please post a vacation schedule of the Myanmar Mission (Bangkok).

Burma Mission (Bangkok) Holidays observations? Burma Mission (Bangkok) Holidays observations? The website of the Burmese Ambassador of Burma will only be available in 2014. Burma Mission (Bangkok) Holidays observations? Can you please tell me that either the Burmese Embassy in Bangkok will be shut down on 19 February or not? What is the offical e-visa website? So what is currently going on in Burma?

Which kind of nutrition can we find in Myanmar?

Embassy of Burma in Bangkok, Thailand

Has the Myanmar Embassy website been updated? I am traveling from Australia to Bangkok and would like to go to the Embassy of Myanmar while I am there to get a quick travel visas to Myanmar for about 5 nights. I don't have many in Bangkok, so I wanted to get the form and fill it in before coming to the embassy.

Does the visas utilization on their website be an up-to-date one since I have e-mailed them many times, but have never gotten an response from them and have also tried to call them, but they never respond their telephones. In Bangkok I requested the visas and even asked if I could have a issue with my expiration date and the no (in the month of month of August it will be 5 months).

They told me that the message and the border are not the same. Please help me. I'll call the embassy. But don't wait. I' d like to know franchise citizens to get a visas in the Bangkok Myanmar Embassy. This is a long-term visas that has already been approved by the Myanmar authorities. So, how it goes at the foreign office and how long it takes. Please answer.

So we can get a visas when we end up in Yagon? You say I need a prior visas. For us, who are citizens or natives of the ASEAN nations, who are also backpack tourists, can we also cross the 4 frontiers without a BURMESE visas overland?

We' d like to know the detail, because we won't be at the frontier to get a permit, and it would be our first try to get it ashore. RIANGOON - Starting Wednesday, international travelers with Myanmar passports will be able to travel to and from Thailand through four doors along the country's eastboundary.

Civil servants and local people said the ruling would stimulate the tourist industries and ease the flow of overseas investments into local communities and the like. Burma's former Burmese army regime, which shy away from visiting foreigners and sought to restrict entry to the conflict-ridden ethnical areas along the Burmese frontier, ended the country's choice to open up its roads to the world.

Foreigners can now arrive and depart at Tachileik-Mae Sai and Myawaddy-Mae Sot checkpoints, at the recently opened Htee Khee-Sunaron intersection and through the Kawthaung-Ranong Gateway, which is at the southernmost point of Burma, as the Immigration and Population Department reported on Tuesday. Travellers who pass through these gateways are permitted to depart through Rangoon, Naypyidaw and Mandalay airport, the department said.

Htay Aung, Minister of Hotel and Tourism, is said to have participated in an formal opening ceremonies for international guests at the Myawaddy-Mae Sot checkpoint on Wednesday. It is the outcome of a bi-lateral treaty between the government of Burma and Thailand, the Ministry of Tourism said. Before the treaty, the only way to get to Burma was by plane.

It was possible to visit three ports for one whole days, while foreign nationals were also allowed to spend a whole weekend in Burma's Shan state if they remained near Tachileik. Maung Shwe, a senior adviser at the near-government Myanmar peace center, said the ruling was made possible by Burma's ongoing peacemaking efforts.

"The opening of the borders is the result of the peacemaking that we are working on in our country," he said to the Irrawaddy. "Whoever enters the land through these doors may leave at any other door. It is unrestricted," he said, and added that the move would help to promote tourism in areas that were previously difficult to access and to promote basic needs in communities of people.

The Burmese federal administration has been struggling for more than a decade with more than a decade to achieve greater freedom and fundamental humanitarian law in Burma's hilly, wooded neighborhood. Karen, Karenni, Mon and Shan groups in ethnical areas along Burma's east Thai borders have been depleted by conflicts and segregation.

A number of ethnical guides and companies said they were hoping that their area would now profit from an economic growth of tourists and rural businessmen. Nai Tala Nyi, member of the new Mon state government's board of directors, said the opening of the Myawaddy-Mae Sot crossroads to foreigners could stimulate tourism in the country's capitol Moulmein, which is on one of the major highways from the Rangoon-Gateway.

"It' good for all of us that they can come here from the border[Moulmein]. "Our Mon folks will have similar advantages to those Thai who earn a good living in the tourist sector when more tourists come to our Mon state," said Kaung Sein, CEO of the Mon Thanakorn Company.

Loosening land transport regulations would also help the increasing number of Thai companies entering Burma, said Kaung Sein, whose Moulmein-based company supports Thai companies seeking to expand into the deepwater harbor and Daiwei's megacities. Counselors, most of Burma's migratory labourers were confronted with specially salaried and unjust things with employees and agents.

I have a plea to stop genosides of Muslims in Myanmar. It' going to separate Myanmar from the outside of the Islamic community. Can you help me, I need a 25 day visas for my mother we want to go to Nepal, can you tell me how long it will take to get the visas? I call you and send you an email, but no answer from your embassy, please get in touch with me as soon as possible in or have a phone number in your name. /rt_mara@hotmail. com: Please let me know.

You are invited to exchange your experience with the Burmese Embassy - get visa and other related information, locate the premises and so on. The website is not run by the Embassy and your remarks and queries are not necessarily seen by your employees. Notice that this is not a platform for a wide discussion on Burma's external policies (Myanmar), and such issues will be removed.

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