Myanmar Embassy Bangkok website

Bangkok Myanmar Embassy Website

Thailand Address (No A simple step-by-step guide to get your Myanmar/Burma visa in Bangkok. A Myanmar visa application from Bangkok, Thailand. All you need to apply for a Myanmar visa in Bangkok: Heart for the location of the right place to apply for a tourist visa to Myanmar. and ASEAN, based in Bangkok.

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Bangkok Myanmar Visa Reservation?

However, my previous experiences were this - just fill in the 2 page application and fill in the following information, add a photograph (photo does not need a frame), add a second photograph (but not glued) and don't miss to copy and append the copy of your pass's keys-page. Make sure you have at least the first adress of your route on the traveler' s card (I had the entire route listed, but it was not needed).

Since then, have spent 12 amazing nights in Myanmar and can highly recommended - especially Bagan and Inlay Lake, Yangon and Mingun.

What is the best way to get a Myanmar visas?

Yeah, my Myanmar eVisa is approved and the tickets are on book. I' m going to Myanmar next sunday! Burma is one of my major destinations of my journey. More and more people are visiting Myanmar. If you want to go to Myanmar and take a plane to Mandalay or Yangon, the easiest way to get a via for Myanmar is to do it now.

There is a dedicated Myanmar Visa website since Sept. 2014. The Myanmar government website where you can obtain a Myanmar visa. eVisa (for Myanmar only! ) costs $50 and you must use your payment method. Once you have received the e-mail, verify that your inquiry has been accepted.

When you have the right cover note, please download this PDF and take it with you on your trip to Myanmar. How does the eVisa for Myanmar work? There are ( (3) Airports, Nay Pyi Taw, Yangon, Mandalay and (4) Crossing points, Tachileik-Meisai, Myawaddy-Mesauk, Kauthaung-Yannnaung, Hteke-Phunaron. Up-to-date: You can also travel by road, make sure you already have a Myanmar visas in your pass instead of the e-visa.

You can do this in Bangkok, see below. The latest information can be found on the Myanmar eVisa website. Please note: You cannot travel to Myanmar by road with an E-visa if you have already applied for a Myanmar country entry permit, e.g. in Bangkok you can use overland. Find out how to get from Thailand to Myanmar by road.

There' s not much information on the web, but if you want to travel across the Myanmar frontier by road, you need a visitor card. A real one, the e-visa is not enough. These are available at the Bangkok or Chiang Mai consulates.

They' re checking your application, you just payment for it and you can collect it in 3 working or more. If you, like me, need your visas on the same date, it is more costly and you need a good excuse why you need them on the same time. Well, I collected my visas at 4:00.

It is so straightforward, so straightforward and yet so little information to find. You can apply for your visas at the lowest cost by doing everything yourself. They can go to the Embassy of Myanmar in Bangkok. If you can prove that you will be flying the next morning, you can get your Myanmar travel permit on the same date.

SAME DAME VISA costs 1260 Bahts. Next days are about 1000 Bahts ($31). Triple days are about 810 Bahts ($25) for the lowest price options. Getting a daily entry permit has not always been simple and you need good reasons to help with the emergency. Usually the staff of the Myanmar Citizens' Department are open to your arguments.

In addition, it is necessary to provide evidence of departure options, such as a round-trip airfare.

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