Myanmar Embassy Bangkok Visa Form

Bangkok Myanmar Embassy Visa Form

The visa for Myanmar in the embassy of Bangkok. If you hand in the documents and the form, you have to pay the visa fee. Getting to the message, what you need, the price and the cost and everything you need to know! On the day indicated, return to the embassy and collect your visa. From Bangkok: How To Get A Myanmar Visa In Bangkok.

Myanmar Meditation Visa: Application in Bangkok - Discussion

Embassy opens at 9:00. Maybe it was more busy today because the embassy was shut down the previous morning because of a national holiday in Myanmar. They can get in and out of the embassy in 5-10 literal mins. if everything goes well.

You' ll need the completed entry visa/business visas application sheet, a godparenthood note from the convent, 2 photographs, your pass, a copy of your pass and 2115 Baht (about $65-$66 if you want to collect on the same day). It is possible to get the forms, photocopies and photographs (if necessary) in the Print + Copy Shops approx. 150m from the Embassy (visa and copy of your pass were 6 Baht (approx. 15 Cent)).

Proceed to counter 4 and say "Meditation Visa". Today the man said that counter 3 is where they give you a number for medication permits, which is a little irritating since I had the papers handy, and all I needed was a number, and switch 3 says "Thai Passport" or something similar.

In this case, do not go into the back row of switch 3. It is OK to be able to assert yourself in the message, because it is crowded, loud, and the one who is most able to assert himself and prepare will come out the first.

You' ll receive a number, and very soon (literally immediately if you arrive early) your number will be phoned at Counter 1, where you will drop off your papers and your funds.

Visa Information for Sweden in Myanmar

This website provides information on the procedure to be followed by Myanmar resident persons wishing to obtain a Schengen visa, which may not exceed 90 working day to enter Sweden. You have already filed your request with the Visa Applicant Center to find out the state of your request. Find the closest visa center.

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