Myanmar Embassy Bangkok Visa

Bangkok Embassy Myanmar Visa

A simple step-by-step guide to get your Myanmar / Burma visa in Bangkok. Any information you need to apply for a Myanmar visa at the Bangkok Embassy. Obtain your Myanmar Visa in Bangkok at Surasak Station on BTS (Skytrain). Myanmar embassy in Bangkok Thailand, information, fare, form, visa, delay in getting a Myanmar visa in Bangkok, Thailand. This is the corner where the Embassy of Myanmar is located:

Get a visa to Myanmar in Bangkok

During a one months trip to Bangkok we took a rest to celebrate Christmas and schedule trips for 2015. Myanmar, a recently opened and still opening up to tourists, was our first goal in 2015. Since the visa is not fully available on your check-in, we had to request our Myanmar touristic visa prior to your check-in.

They can apply on-line for an e-visafor $50 (about 33), or go personally to the Union of Myanmar Embassy and get it for less (810 Bahts: about 16/$24). Tourists visas are issued for 28 consecutive nights and are issued for a one-time-entrance. It' s effective from your first stay at the embassy and will expire after 3 months: The trial included 2 trips to the embassy, over 3 working day, contrary to our previous visa in Kathmandu, which took a little longer.

There were other travelers who didn't care and still got their visas without any problem. We are always on the side of prudence, so we have reserved our entrance from Bangkok to Mandalay and from Yangon back to Bangkok with (ahem!) Air Asia: 2nd first stop at the Embassy of Myanmar:

Myanmar Embassy is at 132 Sathorn Nua Road, Bangkok, 10500, 5 min walking distance from BTS Surasak sky train station: The embassy is open from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 12:00 for visa application: closing on Thai and Burmese holidays:

After opening the door, we gathered and completed the request paperwork while standing in the line. Myanmar Embassy has a copy of the request paper on-line, but you can simply fill it in the date we did it. You will be asked about your present and former positions on the resume form: you don't like "reporter" or "journalist" parts, so we were recommended to use "consultant" or "unemployed" instead.

Our second visitor was to pick up our pass with visa. After we picked up our Myanmar visa and took our proud self-ie with us: Have a look at our Thailand trip videos and experience our submarine adventure as we bounce through this wonderful country:

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