Myanmar Embassy Bangkok Official website

Embassy of Myanmar Bangkok Official Website

US/ ATM's / credit cards in Myanmar; What is the official e-visa website? Application via the Embassy in Bangkok: The official Thai holiday list of the Yangon office. These websites don't look real and the advice is confusing. The official website of the Embassy of Myanmar, Bangkok.

Obtaining a Myanmar Visa in Bangkok - Myanmar Forum

There are some good tips on how to get a Myanmar in Bangkok in earlier fora. To stay ahead of the pack, fill out all necessary fields before coming to the embassy. There' s a small photocopying store 200m from the embassy entry.

You will receive a questionnaire (similar to Canberra's) and another questionnaire that describes your last three positions. Put one on the job enrolment sheet and put a paper clip on the second one. Soon before 0900 we reached the airport when the visas bureau was opened.

Get in line at Number Four immediately to do your work. There is a number meter on the walls that will tell you when to return to the screen with your stationery. We were meant to go to windows #2 (window #3 was for Thai passes only and windows #1 was for corporate visa and travel agencies or agents).

Hand over your passport and papers. Arguing that we were not in Bangkok by our date of take-off (about three week away), we asked for an explicit processing of our bid. He wasn't very lucky, but he gave in. Each of us would pay 810 Baht for the visas and another 450 Baht for the courier services.

Burma Myanmar Visas on arriving from Bangkok? - About Myanmar forum

Burma Myanmar Visas on arriving from Bangkok? Any foreigner planning to enter Myanmar should obtain a non-immigrant permit before travel. In order to request a residence permit, a current nationwide pass is required. For a full listing of Myanmar consulates around the globe and information on how to obtain a residence permit, please refer to the following links.

Please feel free to complete the appropriate form for your travel itinerary. Authorized lists of Myanmar eligible countries: For those who just want to come to Myanmar without any other purpose, they should request a tourism or welfare visas (for ex-Myanmar nationals and their immediate family).

Entry visas are issued for exactly 4 week (28 days). Social visas can be extended for up to 3 month from the date of issuance at the immigration office in Yangon. The tourist visas cannot be extended. It takes at least 3 working day to process the application.

Anyone travelling to Myanmar for commercial and/or other reasons should request a commercial visa/entry visa. You have two different kinds of visas: One-entry visa and multiple-entry visa. A Single Visa is available for up to 10 additional 10 additional week (70 days) from the date of your travel.

A multiple-trip commercial entry may last from 6 month to a year from the date of issuance. An applicant who must visit Myanmar for commercial purposes at least three a year should request such a permit. The Myanmar trip is limited to 10 week (70 days) and can be prolonged.

People in Myanmar who plan to be in Myanmar for less than 24hrs should request this type of visas. Visas are issued for 24 hrs and cannot be renewed. Do you have a current pass that does not expire at least 6 month from the date of arrival in Myanmar?

When you come to Myanmar to participate in gatherings, workshop, events in Myanmar, you should present a written notice of hospitality from the relevant government departments. Request your visa upon arrival at the airport by receiving the visa request from Myanmar airline companies or from the following website mm of the Ministry of Immigration and Population.

Adhere to the On Arrival Visas Scrutiny and Issuing Team's decisions. Undertake to adhere rigorously to the applicable Myanmar government legislation, regulations, procedures, orders and policies. Under-seven year olds who accompany their parent should receive a free entry permit. Staying at those of Myanmar's government licensed properties and providing the exact location where you will be staying.

Please inform the Immigration and National Register Department of the location where he will be during the entire period of the trip. Departure to the land to which he has traveled if he is refused admission. Deal visa: Provide ministry stamped photocopies of trade registration/license/license when working in Myanmar.

If necessary, you should request an extended stay with the recommendations of the relevant ministry. They may not carry out work with or without fees, with the exception of the occupations listed in the questionnaire for them. Throughout the world, I need a permit: Evidence of the flight tickets to the place of arrival when he applies for a permit for passage.

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