Myanmar Embassy

Embassy of Myanmar

Myanmar Embassy in Vienna, Austria. in the Myanmar embassy. The Myanmar Embassy in PAKISTAN is a communications office between the Government of Myanmar and PAKISTAN.

Myanmar Embassy in Vienna, Austria

Burma in Austria: Myanmar's Embassy in Vienna is Myanmar's only representative in Austria. in Myanmar: AustriAustria runs a Yangon embassy through the Austrians. Burma in Austria: Myanmar's Embassy in Vienna is Myanmar's only representative in Austria. in Myanmar: The Austrian government operates a Chinese embassy in Yangon. If you have any queries regarding visas and passports, please do not hesitate to ask the Embassy in Vienna.

Notice that the message may not be able to help. To check the embassy's adress and opening times, please do so.

Myanmar overseas embassies and consulates

H.E. U Tin Latt (Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary) Deputy Head of Mission Daw Ei Ei Tin (Counsellor), Office Hours Morning: 09:30 to 12:30 (Monday to Friday) Evening: 14:00 to 17:00 Details Foreign nationals must apply for a non-immigrant permit before arriving in Myanmar.

Burma Visa from the London Embassy (Post Office) - Myanmar Message Board

Hello, I submitted my resume to the London Embassy in Edinburgh on 25 November 2013, receiving it on 26 November 2013. I' m not going until February 1, 2014, but I wanted to see how long the deadlines for applications for others were at that point in my life - I've seen everything from less than a whole month to six months.

It doesn't seem particularly organized when the embassy calls or e-mails. Last night I called the embassy on 020 7148 0740 and was asked: "How did you pay", "Cash", "Don't do it. We'll get the pass on time" (phone hanging up). There is still a lot of work to do - but I just want to have the certainty that others are having a similar experiment right now.

Bangkok marksmen take their embassy in Bangkok

Shooters took at least 30 at the Myanmar embassy on Friday and were threatening to kill them, said riot squad..... In the mornings, 12 assailants, equipped with shells and guns, attacked the embassy and took Myanmar's embassy's diplomatic and labourers, Thailand's labourers and a number of aliens held to ransom.

They faxed themselves the" Burmese Student Warriors" and called for the Myanmar government to release Myanmar's detainees, engage in dialog with the government and call for a democracy parliamentary assembly. These invaders were threatening to shoot a captive every half hours if another request - a chopper taking them to the Thai-Myanmar frontier - was not complied with.

One Thai officer said 13 Myanmar residents, the first and second embassy secretary, and one Japanese citizen were arrested. Thai policemen said there were also 15 or 16 Thais on the premises. 31, who identifies himself as a Canadian from Montreal, said on Friday afternoons by phone from the embassy that there were also three French, three Canadians, one German, one American, one Aussie and several Malaysians and Singaporeans.

As of this mornings, five of them had been freed or fled, among them a Japanese mother and a policeman who said the assailants had said they had eight AK-47s and 20 shells. The talks, which ended later Friday after the armed had severed the embassy's phone wires, were restarted this mornings, with Thailand's merchants and aggressors screaming over the embassy's high dam.

There was a cop chopper circling deep above the embassy this mornings, but cops said they later hadn't found a place to dock. Helicopters had agreed to fell down a flagstaff and a tree on the embassy premises so that a chopper could touch down and take them to the frontier with some captors.

Some 300 badly armoured policemen, among them members of an anti-terrorist unit, encircled the embassy and the streets in the vicinity were sealed off. Snipers were on a large edifice next to the embassy, but were instructed to cease fire to allow conversations. This group' s declaration states that it has no connection with other Myanmar disident organisations, the country's opponents or multinational self-help groups.

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