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Eleven Media CEO arrested, top editor released on bail in Myanmar

On Friday, a Myanmar tribunal set free the CEO and editor-in-chief of the Eleven Media Group on deposit of more than $37,000 each, after the two were detained for almost two month for libel, the defender said in the case. When Htut Aung, Eleven Media Group's CEO, and Wai Phyo, editor-in-chief of the Daily Eleven daily, were arrested on November 11 for a leading article accusing Phyo Min Thein, Myanmar's trade capitol Yangon, of having received a $100,000 clock from an undisclosed drugs magnate who was later given a profitable urban transport deal.

It was published in the Nov. 6 edition of Daily Eleven and was published on Than Htut Aung's Facebook page. Both men were indicted for a contentious item in Myanmar's Telecommunications Act, which bans the use of the telecommunications net to slander individuals and provides for a prison term of up to three years and a financial penalty for those who do not.

"They have been freed today on 50 million kyat bail[$37,230] each," defender Kyi Myint said. Although Eleven Media Group published a proclamation of the lead story in December, Moe Hein, head of the Yangon administration, said on Friday that the officers will not honor the proclamation and will continue with the case of slander against the two men.

Both men were detained in Yangon's infamous Insein Prison, where Than Htut Aung sustained a myocardial infarction. You had asked the Tamwe Town Hall Courts in eastern/centre Yangon to let her out three bails before Friday. Your next trial will take place on January 13.

Life with flooding in a mobile Southeast Asia

Instead of emphasising only the capacity (or absence thereof) of individual persons and homes, the aim is to identify and maintain elements that stimulate, administer and maintain endangered population groups and places: these comprise the socio-political dynamic of flooding, high water risks and high-risk surroundings, immigration and immigrant lifestyles as well as the policies through which all this takes form.

Together, the sections shed light on key political issues relating to the management of immigration, institutionalised civil protection policies and more comprehensive roadmaps.

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