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of the new administration. 2. Regional teams of curricula may be set up. A law on the registration of schools was passed by the parliament (Pyi Htaung Su Hluttaw). You are the Central Council of Universities and the University Council. It is the University Council which is in charge of the approval of the study rules and the coordination of scientific work.

The following figure shows the structure:

fellowship programs

WHAT: The SUSI for Scholar program is an intense postgraduate program with built-in educational trips to give international professors and other academics the chance to gain a deeper insight into American societies, cultures, assets and institutes. Every institute offers a four-week stay and an up to two weekly guided educational trip.

The syllabus of the school will not deal informally with educational methodologies and pedagogic itineraries. BANK DESCRIPTIONS: IAPP will give an insight into the most important trends in American thought from settlement to the present day. It offers a comprehensive and multifaceted view of US thinking and its links to US policies, law and order and government agencies, combining modern themes with historic and societal discuss.

It will examine issues such as self-government and restricted governance, freedoms and liberties, personalism and identities, equity and disparity, and the American dream. This Institute on Modern American Litererature will convey an appreciation of American civilization and the past and present through a study of modern American (US) music.

It has two purposes: to study the work of modern U.S. authors and literature in a wide range of different styles; and to suggest how the topics studied in these works mirror broader trends within U.S. modern societies and cultur. This programme will examine the diverse nature of the US literature scene and how great modern authors, colleges and movement are reflecting the tradition of the US lit...

The programme will also introduce students to authors who break away from this traditional and break new ground in American authors. IJM will give an insight into the role of journalists and the press in American societies. It examines the privileges and duties of the mass media within a dynamic democracy, which includes publishing autonomy, journalist morality, regulatory frameworks, global journalists and mass communication technologies.

This programme examines educational strategy for communicating the fundamentals of journalism: research, coverage, composition and editorial work. It will also emphasise the effects of technologies on the journalistic world, such as the effects of the web, the globalisation of information communications, the expansion of TV and wireless satellites and other changes that are changing the work.

Through an investigation of the pluralist religion in the United States and its interface with US democracies, the Institute for Islamic Representation in the United States will convey an appreciation of US societies and cultures in the past and present. With a multidisciplinary perspective, including areas such as historiography, politics, sociology, humanities, jurisprudence and others, the programme will examine both the historic and modern relationships between churches and states in the United States.

It will also provide an overview of the variety of present-day religions in terms of the first change to the U.S. Constitutional Treaty, the election, law and order, and the demographics of the United States. Interreligious dialog in the US is practised within the group itself, as are on-site meetings with various denominations.

ICCS will impart an appreciation of U.S. civilization, cultural and institutional issues. It will investigate the ethnical, race, social, economical, politics and religion context in which different civilizations have expressed themselves in US societies, while concentrating on the way in which these civilizations have affected US civilizations and US identities throughout US historiography.

It will be based on a multidisciplinary basis and will itself serve as a blueprint for how a degree course in American civilization and social studies at a European higher education institution. This Institute on U.S. External Relations will give an insight into how modern US external relations policies are defined and put into practice. This programme includes a historic retrospective of significant happenings, persons and philosophical ideas that have influenced US international politics.

It explains the roles of the main actors in US external relations, as well as the US legislature, the US press, US citizens, think tank, non-governmental organisations and multi-lateral bodies.

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