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Members of the family sit on the mats around the table while eating. City dwellers have less concerns about eating beef than their rural colleagues. Satin>Seit Taing Kya Tea Shop The food was: tee, dumplings, mohinga and beans. Breaking time: U Thiha Saw, Chief Operating Officer of the Myanmar Journalism Institute, experienced reporter and former editor of the Myanmar Times. Bourdaine ate: Pork lettuce with kaffir leaves, long beans lettuce with lettuce, penny-word lettuce, penny-word lettuce, Indian sauté.

Dinner: Ma Thanegi, bookwright of ginger salad and water waffles, Burma based bookwriter and caster. Sixteen Parami Road, Bourdain had: shrimp crème, brown bread, beers. Aung Yadanat Street and Hledan Street, Bourdain had: hen throats and cool beers. Dinner: Philippe Lajaunie, innkeeper, former proprietor of the Brasserie Les Halles in New York and long-time Bourdain-boyfriend.

San Road Saya, Burdain had: tealeaf lettuce. Aftertaste of 110 nineteenth century, Bourdain: barbecued assortment, includes barbecued bean curd and porc. Bourdaine ate: poultry red wine, slowly roasted rosette petal broth, various delicacies.

Is it Myanmar? Do the Myanmar population eat meat?

City dwellers have less concerns about consuming cattle than their peasant colleagues. Similarly, ethnical minority groups (e.g. the Shan and Kachin) eat less meat than Chinese and Chinese. Moslems and Christians eat bovine meat more than Buddhists and Hindus. Cattle in Myanmar are valued as pack animals especially in the countryside because of their importance for farming.

There is even within my own household the acceptability of the meat of beef as a foodstuff spread across the municipal and agricultural line. The country's meat is not as widespread as pig meat, poultry or seafood. Consuming bovine meat was banned in pre-colonial time. In the Konbaung period, regular intake of meat was a criminal offence. Meat and veal became more and more important during the period of UK domination.

In 1885 the powerful Ledi Sayadaw wrote a well-known epistle, Nwa Myittaza (?????????????), admonishing Buddhist not to eat or slay cows.

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