Myanmar E Visa Processing Time

Burma E Visa Processing Time

Myanmar has two types of e-visa, the tourist visa and the business visa on the official EVisa website in Myanmar. For Myanmar (Burma) consular fees and visa processing times click here. Initial applicants are only entitled to a one-time entry visa. It is easy to apply for your Myanmar visa, both online and at the office. Australian government issues electronic visas.

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The immigration will take 2 workingdays to process the visa application under regular processing time (or 1 working week under emergency processing time). Working hours of immigration are from Monday to Friday and working hours from 9.00 to 17.00 on each working week. Please click here for processing time and fees.

In addition to the weekend, there are several work-free Vietnam public holiday in Vietnam each year, on which the agents and immigration do not work: The National Lunar New Year (Tet Holiday), der 1. Januar, Hung Kings Commemoriations, der National Reunion Tag s 30. avril, der International Labortag s 1. Mai und der National Liberation Tags 2. septembre.

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Inquiry at the time of application for the eVisa for tourist. The Myanmar eVisa website provides the following information on visa processing: a) The eVisa authorisation is valid for 90 working day from the date of issue. b ) The duration of your sojourn is ( (28) from the day of your day of your day of destination in Myanmar.

I would like to know whether the 28 working hours are regarded as irrespective of the 90-day deadline. Suppose my journey to Myanmar is from August 1 to August 20. I should be good if I request the visa on May 5th and the permit notice is dated May 10th, because August 1st is within 90 working nights after May 10th.

But since I will leave Myanmar on August 20, I will be in Myanmar for 90 nights from May 10, will that be a dilemma?

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E-visa will be available from Spet 1, according to the latest reports. 2 ) Need to submit the candidature to the Ministry of Internal Affairs website. 3 ) The authorisation will be returned within one sept. 4 ) Print out the authorization document and display it at the terminal. 6 ) Costs US$ 50 with 28 day expiration date.

The detailed procedures are followed.

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