Myanmar E Visa Price

Burma E Visa Price

Burma Ministry of Immigration Portal

Nowadays it is very easy and convenient to get a visa for Malaysians. Getting an E-Visa for Myanmar is very easy and straightforward. How to apply for an eVisa in Myanmar. Arrival visa to India (ETA) is the most convenient and fastest way among many recommended routes through lower visa fees.

1. The regular handling of the visas is 80 usds / per visitor.

Myanmar and Thailand: A regular handling permit means that you will get a confirmation of your application by e-mail and then the cost of the stamps at the airports. Once you have completed the application you will be sent a written confirmation of your application within 3 to 7 working day from submission to receipt of the documents.

Obtain a written confirmation by e-mail and have the stamps handed out at the airports. Visas Valid for 28 days/long period of time. Monetary back guarantee if you don't get the visas. Burma Business Visas are available to request on-line. Before submitting your resume, you must include "Color Passport Size Photo", "Letter of Invitation" and "Company Registration (Certificate of Incorporation)".

Online Business eVisa is $110 US dollars. Be sure to send in the documents as they will be reviewed against the participating Myanmar businesses. eVisa is for a one-time stay in Myanmar for up to 28 nights.

E-Visa Online - Myanmar Forum

At the moment I have a Singapore Pass and I am glad that I would get visa-free travel to all SEA states, and I booked everything with a sightseeing plane on Wednesday, November 25 - only last evening, when I was dragging through the post here, I realized that I needed at least an e-visa!

In panic and haste, I had to apply for and pay a USD 50 bonus for e-visa when I could have gotten it at half cost from my own consulate.... I got chilly to my stomach this after my resume was "in process" this afternoons, so I chose to call the e-visa staff at +95-67-431125.

By the way, a very supportive woman named Amy, who fluently spoke English, took care of my needs and gave me a telephone confirmation. So, if any of you are surprised by this survey and urgently need permission, e-visa would be useful and I would like to believe that a call to them would speed things up.

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