Myanmar E Visa Price

Burma E Visa Price

There are three services we offer with different processing times and prices. Types of visas, length of stay, stamp duty at the airport, fee, port of entry. ON HOW TO APPLY FOR A MYANMAR E-VISA. Fill in the'secure form' online. Within one hour you will receive a confirmation e-mail with a reference code.

All about Myanmar eVisa?

All about Myanmar eVisa? Burma is a wonderful land in Southeast Asia, bordered by Thailand, Bangladesh, Laos, India and China. Myanmar's tourist numbers are growing every single workingday because the government has taken good action. eVisa is an example of how people from many different nations, as well as Pakistan, can get eVisa on-line to travel to Myanmar.

Is Myanmar E-visa a good idea? After visiting this website to pre-enroll for Myanmar e-visa, I found out on the website the directions where it was posted that it will take three working with the e-visa. Surprisingly, though, I did make an application at midnight and receive my visa authorization by e-mail in the mornings, and I had a visa from Pakistan.

Visa fees are $50 for visas for tourists and $70 for commercial visas. eVisa is 90 day visa and you must use it within 90 day from the date of issue and if you are entering Myanmar you can remain with this visa for up to 28 day.

You have to choose the right connection when you fill out the on-line application because this is important. After you have completed the questionnaire, check it once for each proofread. Booking your accommodation through, then just enter your accommodation adress. If you have received the e-visa authorisation on your e-mail, just send it to us, and keep a copy of it with you at all times during your trip to Myanmar.

Then, when you reach the Myanmar border crossing point, present the proof to the migration official, keep the reservation of the accommodation and the flight back or forward flight with you, as the migration official may ask you to do so. They asked me to show the reservation for the room and the flight or transfer I had.

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