Myanmar E Visa on Arrival

Burma E Visa on arrival

You do not need to queue at the Visa-on-Arrival (VOA) stand in Yangon, Mandalay or Naypyidaw to submit your business visa application on arrival. If I arrive on a cruise ship, can I enter Myanmar on my e-visa? Burma Tourist Visa Information and selectable countries. Find out more about Myanmar eVisa requirements and instructions before applying for eVisa. You can apply for tourist and business visas online on the website of the Ministry of Immigration and Population of Myanmar: http://evisa. Myanmar.

Burma Evisa Business Visa Application

Now it is possible to request a 70-day on-line commercial entry through the Myanmar Ministry of Immigration After payment of the $70 handling charge on-line by your debit or debit cards - if all your documentation is in order, you should get your commercial entry on-line by e-mail within 3 working day of filing.

Advantages of a commercial visas on the Internet at are: Advantages of a commercial visas on the Internet at:: The eVisa is valid for 90 day on your eVisa authorisation you will get by e-mail, giving you a great deal of freedom in choosing when to arrive in Myanmar, as your 70 day commercial permit does not begin until the date of import.

There will be no delays and insecurity when arriving at Myanmar's airport (outside Myanmar) because most airlines employees are not familiar with Myanmar's immigration requirements and will ask for a current commercial permit before you can baggage checked in or take a flight to Myanmar. You do not need to line up at the Visa-on-Arrival (VOA) stand in Yangon, Mandalay or Naypyidaw to apply for your commercial entry visas on your flight.

At some point, your request may be denied if your name resembles someone on the "black list" of immigrants. If this happens, you will be transferred to the next out of the U.S. at your own cost. There is no need to travel to/from the Myanmar embassy in your own countries, queue and wait 3 working nights just to obtain and pick up your company visas.

If you are an internatonal traveller arriving in Myanmar from Thailand, you have the additional option of arriving at 3 Thai crossings on the Myanmar border: Tachileik (by Chiang Rai), It is recommended for foreign nationals who are investing, staying and working in Myanmar to obtain a commercial entry permit.

If you sign the rental agreement for an agency, open a banking or attend a planned appointment with a department - they will take you seriously if you have a company visas. Foreign nationals are allowed to remain in Myanmar for up to 70 consecutive nights and participate in a limited number of economic activity described in the Trade Visas request.

You can use a corporate residence permit to live in the rental flat of a corporation or with a partner. You can remain in the Dominican Republic for up to 28 nights on a touristic permit and are not allowed to engage in commercially active activity during your sojourn.

You must spend the night in a Ministry of Tourism authorized accommodation on a tourism visas. In order to comprehend what happens when a foreign national is arrested with a foreigner' s tourism visas in a guesthouse or flat that he has posted through Airbnb or found illegal on a building site or in the offices, please see the articles:

The Yangon goverment on the rental of housing to expatriate tourist, hotel must have the register of expatriate guest to the agencies and China's top ranking of those who deport due to breaches of visas regulations. Please be aware that immigrant officials have gone to various condos and flats that accommodate aliens and verify their visas from room to room.

You must have a formal entry permit if you wish to work in Myanmar or live in a nonhotel area. If you are living in a home or working on a building site when entering on a tourism entry permit, the immigrant has the right to lock you in a cell.

It is in your interest that you arrive on the right type of travel permit when you are in Myanmar on missions. Please be aware that when applying for a 3-month, 6-month or 1-year commercial permit you will need to prove in your identity that you have previously travelled to Myanmar on 2 distinct commercial vouchers.

Provided that you do not have any immigrant status, the multientry visas are also the foundation for applying for a long-term residence card at a later date. If you are serious about your investment in Myanmar, you should first go into the Philippines on a commercial license and after your third visit you should obtain a 6 -month commercial one.

The following documentation is required to obtain a business visa: 2 Passporsfotos. The Myanmar based firm that invites you to come and see them. Guarantors should be the manager or proprietor of the business, as the visa section asks for a copy of the business registry document that only the manager or may have.

They may call the phone number of the Myanmar firm that is your guarantee and ask to talk to the company's director just to check if your written notice is genuine. Properly completed request forms for a commercial entry visas. *Beware of Internet industries that claim to be able to as your guitaristor.

You do not even ID who your manager is - who will be signing your written invitations and your guarantee for your commercial visas - which means that the individual behind this website works without an Myanmar bureau or firm.

They are at grave danger of being expelled at the Myanmar migration control point because they are using a false paper when trying to get into the land, or even more so, to be caught when trying to be out. We have a corporate number of 25FC /2013-2014. To find out the differences between filing for a commercial application at the Visa-on-Arrival (VOA) stand at Yangon Airport, Mandalay Airport & Naypyidaw Airport and the on-line application at mm/, please see the comparative chart below:

To apply for a Myanmar registration on line, you need an invoice and a Myanmar registration guarantee - please complete the following form:

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