Myanmar E Visa Fee

Burma E Visa Fee

Myanmar E-Visa Online Order Form. Get Myanmar visa through them is easy and can be done both online and in their office. You can apply for tourist and business visas online on the website of the Ministry of Immigration and Population of Myanmar:

mm/. You can apply for your visa at the Myanmar Embassy or online at eVisa. Ensure that the documents are sent by e-mail in the correct format and size. For how long is the eVisa valid for travel to Myanmar?

e-Visa Myanmar

It is not a governmental agency or representatives of government embassies, consulates or mission. In order to request eVisa as part of our handling, you will be billed the government charge and the servicing charge. Therefore, our fees will be higher than if you are applying directly on the government website or at a mission in your state.

Foreigners who wish to visit Myanmar require a current Myanmar e-visa and a current Myanmar e-visa. In order to increase the number of international visitors and encouraging them to make plans to visit Myanmar, the government of Myanmar has implemented eVisa from 2011 and it has been implemented for many nationalities.

In addition, the government of Myanmar has introduced a state-of-the-art e-visa system for handling your Myanmar e-visa at international airports. Now you can get your Myanmar e-Visa quickly and easily without having to submit your pass to the Embassy of Myanmar. 96 hour turnaround time guarantied. There is no need for a visa or other documentation.

100 percent on-line process, no passports. Up to 96 hour turnaround times. The best option for those who live far from the messages. Choose the destination to find the Myanmar Ambassador.

Which harbours can I use a Myanmar e visa to do?

Burma Immigration Canada Limited firmiert als Asia eTravel. Complete visas to India. It is a commercial/private website, NOT an offical website of the state. Please note that this is a merchant website to request eVisa for Myanmar through the website of the Myanmar authorities, a registration tax will be made. For the booking of a land based permit as part of our procedure we calculate a processing fees for consultation, application and information about the state and results.

We charge a higher rate than if you are applying directly on the Myanmar Government website or at the Myanmar embassy or consulate in your state.

The Myanmar E visa will be launched this year: Officially

This year, the Department of Immigration and Population (DIP) under the Immigration Ministry will at last introduce an e-visa system, which was introduced in 2011, a senior civil servant said. This system will allow an applicants to obtain a Myanmar U Maung Maung Than, Director of DIP, within three working day of filing the request, which will save money and save a lot of money.

"We can begin our ministry this year," said U Maung Maung Than. The electronic visas will be available for those without an embassy in Myanmar and for those living far away from a Myanmar embassy. The applicant will be notified on-line as soon as they have received the necessary visas, in accordance with the DIP.

Myanmar Posts and Telecommunications (MPT), the Ministry of Hotel and Tourism, and the DIP are working together to deploy the e-visa system. Currently, expatriate seekers from non-myanmar consular states have to allow about a weeks for their application to be valid.

"With the introduction of such a system, many nations have strengthened their travel sectors. It' s taking us a long timeframe to get the system up and running, but once implemented it will help us redouble the arrival of tourists," Myanmar Business Today tells Myanmar Business Today, said Myanmar Federation Undersecretary in an interview with Myanmar's Thailan. Burma has the goal of 3 million visitors by 2015, almost tripling the number by 2012, said Minister of Travel Mr Aung.

Myanmar's tourism destinations reached one million for the first year in 2012, an upturn of 200,000 from 2011, amid dramatic reform carried out by the semi-civilian regime that came to office three years ago.

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