Myanmar E Visa Application

Burma E Visa Application

It is advisable to apply for your visa through the official website or the nearby Myanmar embassy. Complete your application online at

Nowadays it is very easy and convenient to get a visa for British citizens. Last name ( As stated in your passport). It is an electronic entry visa and there is no need to queue at the Myanmar embassy. What is the best way to apply for a Myanmar visa online?

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At the moment I have a Singapore Pass and I am glad that I would get visa-free travel to all SEA states, and I booked everything with a sightseeing plane on Wednesday, November 25 - only last evening, when I was dragging through the post here, I realized that I needed at least an e-visa!

In panic and haste, I had to apply for and pay a USD 50 bonus for e-visa when I could have gotten it at half cost from my own consulate.... I got chilly to my stomach this after my application was "in process" this afternoons, so I chose to call the e-visa staff on +95-67-431125.

By the way, a very supportive woman named Amy, who fluently spoke English, took care of my needs and gave me a telephone confirmation. So, if any of you are surprised by this visa survey and urgently need permission, e-visa would be useful and I would like to believe that a call to them would speed things up.

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It is necessary to fill in the form correctly (as the information will appear on your passport), upload a photo and payment by bank transfer (US$50). Usually it will take less than 24hrs to receive your application and you will receive your print-ready files as soon as the application has been approved and reviewed, one or two days later.

Printout and take it with you when you present your pass when you enter Myanmar.

Is Myanmar Online Visa (E-Visa) required?

Myanmar has been a mystical land with conserved heritage that attracts visitors from all over the globe since the recent open hatch. To encourage domestic tourist activities, the federal authorities have adopted an e-visa visa regime that facilitates the administration process for entry to the state.

Let us show you how to get Myanmar Online Visa and begin your journey in this amazing country! All about Myanmar E-Visa An e-visa or e-visa is a visa application that you can apply for through the Embassy of Myanmar's website instead of going to the embassy's offices.

Myanmar Online Visa has been in operation since September 2014 for tourist and commercial use. Myanmar E-Visas max. time: Myanmar's e-visa can be applied for for two purposes: you have a max. continuous residence of 28 nights from the date you entered the U.S. you have a continuous residence of 70 nights from the date of your arrival.

Over seven-year-olds or those with a special ID must obtain the e-visa thanks to the assistance of their parent or guardian. For Myanmar's e-visa, except for those under the age of seven who can fulfil the following requirements: - All necessary child identification information is included in the parent's and guardian's passports.

If you are visiting Myanmar for commercial purposes, you will need to include the following documents: - This is the scan image of the VW ruling document with which you should get to work. You can obtain the visa on the Myanmar eVisa website (Myanmar Official Government Website: They must be thoroughly filled in and transcribed before providing the necessary information, otherwise serious problems may arise when entering Myanmar.

Once you have completed the registration you will receive a receipt to check your details, and then you can pay using your Mastercard, Visa etc. We may take 3 working day to review, process and reply to your application. It' being verified at the Myanmar immigration check-point.

You must present your current visa and the permit form at the point of entry, the alien official will cancel your visa and allow you to travel if there are no errors in your documentation. E visas are not acceptable at all Myanmar's borders, so you need to know that you can travel to this state on an e-visa.

When your travel destinations are not on the above mentioned lists and you are not considered for visa waiver, it is mandatory to apply for the Myanmar visa at the Myanmar visa application centre in your state. Persons holding a normal pass granted by the following counties are granted visa exemptions for tourist and commercial activities for up to 14 working nights, included:

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