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The Myanmar Dress Design, Myanmar Traditional Dress, Traditional Dresses, Clothing Designs, Photo Ideas, High Dresses, Skirts, Lace Dresses Black, Shots Ideas. The majority of women in Myanmar want silk, especially for traditional clothing. You can download myanmar traditional clothing stock photos. Receive Myanmar Dress Design images and royalty-free images from iStock. You can download the perfect pictures of myanmar antique dresses.

Enthusiasm for high fashions

Yangon-born fashiondesigner Phyo Ko has come back from 18 consecutive years of study in Bangkok, has recovered and is full of self-assure. Phyo Ko, 33, initially known as Phyo Thura Soe, was renamed when he began working as a design draftsman for a garment firm in the fashions sector in 2011. Later on, after a month-long course with the German artist Pyi Soe Aung, he began making clothes for various shows and has not been looking back since.

"I became self-conscious enough to make dresses and began to design. In early 2015 he went to the Kalawin International School in Bangkok. "I learnt haute-couture and moulage in Kalawin. They' re all very fashionable. As Phyo Ko calls his creations "noble", he is influenced by contemporary trends and international acclaimed design artists such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Elie Saab and Zuhair Murad.

"I' m seeing a bunch of contemporary design and creative work right now from locals. We are beginning to see how Europeans are developing their own taste and style and understanding contemporary fashions - not only design, but also young people," he said. Unfortunately, not all of his customers are so fashionable. "In Myanmar, we cannot always make what we want.

It' not like in other nations where the designers can design their own - we have to meet the wishes of our customers," said Phyo Ko. However, when it comes to womens wear, the fashion designers have some tips for ladies who want to dress to make an impression. He now wants to open his first shop, Phyo Ko Extraordinary Fashion.

"I' ve been spending the last few months looking for employees and designing new clothes for the front page of the magazine," he said, and added that he is planning to open in December but has already accepted clients. Nowadays, folks are more interested in fashions. "You see a lots of youngsters on the streets - they value their own styles.

Myanmar has been looked down upon in the past by other nations. They' are astonished at our development,' he said, and added that his new store will also host clothing designing classes to encourage future stylists.

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