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Burmese dress

United States Myanmar dress online store. Getty Images' perfect Myanmar Dress Design Stock photos and editorial news images. You can download the perfect pictures of the old Myanmar clothes. The people love to look through the Kind Stitch collection to find their KIND dress. They each have a different traditional ethnic fabric from Myanmar.

Everything you need to know about Myanmar's traditional clothes

with ancestral dress design. Wherever they are, they will find local clothes from Burma and Burma. All over the land men and woman of Myanmarse rock either a Pasoé or a Htaméne, both of which are regarded as Longyis. These clothes are the most common clothes for men and sisters.

Weave is another one of the countrys finest arts, and those who are the best still wearing the Lun-taya aheik. Every Myanmar ethnical group has its own fabric tradition. Pasos are the old-fashioned trousers men in Myanmar use. In Myanmar, these trousers, which are actually just a scarf, are very practical, cosy and breathe when it gets unbearable warm.

Even if it looks like this, the item of clothing is not bound at all, but rather pleated so that it lies around the waistline of the person who wears it. Burma is not the only place where men wear these. India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh all have similar clothes, most of which are menswear.

Wh-what's a htamin? Whilst jeans come and go, hetameins are here to remain in Myanmar. It is the old-fashioned piece of clothing wore by females all over the countryside. A few cylindrically shaped coats had a stripe stitched on the top of the htamin so as not to fold it, making it look tidier and avoiding wrinkles.

They can be made both for official purposes and for daily use. Burma's tradition of dressing is from the 1750s. In the courtyard it was used by Konbaung, and the clothes were adorned with breathtaking jewellery by those in position of authority, e.g. royalty. Females were dressed in flowery pieces of headdress, unique ornate shirts, felt shoes and a htamenein, which is still used by many mothers.

Handcrafted men's dresses are decorated with a tan, hnyat-phanat-slippers, a skinned embroidery wrap and a short-sleeved gown. At the end of the UK period, the dress has slightly modified. There were also changes when immigrant Indians came to Myanmar, the styles were slightly modified to imitate their clothes.

Myanmar's four major groups are the Shan, Akha, Nagas and Pa-O. Myanmar's natives and minority groups are wearing different kinds of clothes from most people's clothes. Shan wives, on the other hand, are wearing hetamein. These are relatively lightweight and are particularly suitable for the warm climates in Myanmar.

Short-sleeved men are wearing Mandarin-style shirts and casual trousers.

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