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Zabu Htun Thet Lwin Total Episode : So we squeeze into the cinemas and sit until dawn and watch a whole night of pwé. # Drama, My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho Episode : Hear music, theatre productions and dramatic Bible reading. Complimentary download drama, story and romantic Bollywood movie in.

Runway Yangon action-drama movie to see in Myanmar this year

As she zapps the band trying to abduct her, the man with the dark karat band will spindly. Myanmar' s Myanmar' s action and drama Yangon Runway will be on your screen this year, says Living Sound Entertainment chief executive Jaw Maran. The 110-minute Koichi Ueno directed filming began last year in Japan, Yangon, Bagan and Naung Tone.

He said he would represent the beauties and charms of Myanmar and its abductors for the good of his countrymen. Last August his live sound entertainment organized the 2NE1 show of Korea's popular artists at Myanmar Event Park in Yangon. LSE will collaborate with Sony Entertainment and Oscar Promotions from Tokyo to create the event's drama movie with Sonny Chiba, Rina Takeda, Yuko Fueki and Ai Takeba and Moh Moh Myint Aung, Awn Seng, Min Oo, Thu Htoo San and other role-players.

It shows a Japonese girl who comes to Myanmar to be a pro and faces the common entertaining intercultural misconceptions, as well as the flight from abductors. It also emphasizes the natural beauties, traditions and traditions of Myanmar. With High Kick Girl she made her way into 2009 shooting japanese actions movies after she won her dark ribbon in Ryukyu Shorin-Ryu karaoke.

It will be made in Myanmar, German, English subtitled and available in Japan.

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My dears, we Myanmar like pleasure. So we squeeze into the cinemas and spend the whole day sitting until daybreak looking at each other. Our regular festivities and familys parties include dancing and singing. However, the reality is that the whole of Burma's conversation is going through a time of rather messy transitions.

The old theatrical tradition is being rejected or diluted - and what replaces it has so far had neither a clear orientation nor much artistry. So if you went to a traditional Myanmar Pwé this evening, you would not see one of our classic Mandalay-farm styled dancing drama zates, but a varied programme with dancing numbers, sketches, comical dialogues, vocals and perhaps a piece from one of the old pieces - all put together, lesson by lesson, with vivid music.

Although the zat have puzzles, they are the well-known Buddhist histories or historic myths that we learnt as kids, so there is no sign of innovation or astonishment. Most of the dancing figures in our pwes come from two great stylistic traditions: one that is purely dancing, with little symbolic value (see table 22 in the artwork ) and another that imitates the drama of the zat (see Wun Tha's drawings on the following pages), a shape that came to us from Siam.

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