Myanmar Drama

The Myanmar Drama

Nangiarkuttu is the only surviving form of the Sanskrit drama. A study of translations of Burmese plays by Htin Aung, Dr. Burmese Drama. An intrepid team of explorers seeks the highest peak in Myanmar. The first joint TV series between China and Myanmar is finally ready for release after years of planning and production.

The drama was excellently drawn with uniformly excellent performances by the entire cast.

Burma gets its own drama set

Burma will at last have its own domestically-manufactured drama TV show when MRTV-4 starts on April 30th A Chit Thin Kay Ta (The Mark of Love), Myanmar Times TV channel filmmakers said last weekend. MRTV-4 is directed by MRTV-4's own production staff in collaboration with Benoit de Lorme and his staff and with technical assistance from France.

Filming of the serial began in early 2012 and the shootings for part 1 are now finished. Each of the five parts consists of 26 20-minute sequences. "Almost all TV broadcasting in Myanmar has its own drama shows, but since the 1990' Myanmar's TV networks have only been broadcasting shows from China and South Korea," said U Htin Kyaw, a MRTV-4 filmmaker.

One of the tricky things about filming the first part is how to deal with new comedians. "There are many problems filming with new characters for a long drama run, but they all tried very hard. If they' re not good comedians, no one will know them.

A further challange was to work according to the stringent timetable of the stage managers in France to make sure that the work could be completed on time. "We completed 26 installments in five week under their timetable, which was a new learning curve for the locals," said U Htin Kyaw. "To this end, the film' s organizers invited all those taking part, as well as those of the cast and cameramen, to gather every morning at 6:30 a.m. and try to get there at 7 a.m..

Said the tight timetable was one of the reason they didn't hire well-known actresses for the show. "I' m sure the city' s superstars can't agree to a timetable like this. A Chit Thin Kay Ta contains storylines built on Myanmar's convictions and tradition, such as links between past and present life, combined with domestic and foreign filming.

"We can' t show all our convictions and our entire cultural in every setting, and most of our audiences, as well as the comedians, are enjoying the films in Korea and want to act like the Koreans, but we have been encouraging them to give their appearances a feeling of being local," he said. "There is a certain resemblance to the drama of Korea because we have used internationally recognized illumination and cutting technologies.

Htin Kyaw added that he was hoping that Myanmar would be able to build movie theaters in the near term, as they face many challenges on the ground. A Chit Thin Kay Ta's leading man, Myat Thu Kyaw, said he was happy to be a celebrity in the show, although he added that his expectations for the show were shy.

"Since the show is shown on MRTV-4 every week, the public has the opportunity to see us more than if we were in a movie," he said. MRITV-4 has also released a call for new performers to audition for support parts for coming parts of the film.

A Chit Thin Kay Ta is broadcasted every Monday and Tuesday after the 8pm and every Thursday and Friday at 12pm.

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