Myanmar Domestic Flights Safety

Burma Domestic Flights Safety

At the moment there are seven domestic airlines: You choose the motto "Safety, reliability & comfort". The FMI Air is a domestic airline based in Yangon. Which domestic airlines are there in Myanmar? Articles about Myanmar Domestic Airlines written by flyinmyanmar.

Burma expects an improvement in aviation safety performance from privately owned companies

Burma has an aircraft crash frequency nine as high as the global averages, say the aeronautical agencies, and there are concerns that this number could increase as the country's governments expand the airline sector with aggressive expansions and the addition of flights by commercial carriers in a burgeoning population. It is the government's intention to encourage locally -based privately owned companies to modernise and operate 32 of Myanmar's 69 airport facilities "with the intention of improving both the services and the images of the airports," said a high-ranking civil servant from the Civil Aeronautics Directorate, who was seeking anonymity because he was not entitled to talk to the audio-mag.

Myanmar's most important Yangon intercontinental hub has been modernised, but many domestic kiosks are in poor operation, do not have essential technologies and security facilities and are in need of emergency overhaul. Akihito Sanjo, a Yangon-based agent of the agencies, said that the Japanese Sumitomo Corp. has been selected as lead contractors for the installation of security systems at some of Japan's major aerodromes.

"Most of the Myanmar airport is small and hazardous in safety and security," Sanjo said. In 2012, four of the minute domestic airliners were in serious accident situations, one of them fatal. Bookings in and out of Myanmar during the high tourism seasons from November 2012 to February 2013 rose from 50,000 in the previous year to 80,000.

According to the CAPA Center for Aviation, which provides advice to airline companies, and the aviation data base Innovata, this number will probably exceed 100,000 in the 2013/2014 timeframe. The Sanjo DCA meeting on Tuesday started the programme to deploy security systems at the airport, which included two major towns in Yangon and Mandalay.

The $150 million Yangon International Yangon International Yangon International Aerodrome modernization project was recently placed with a syndicate headed by a subsidiary of Asia World, a wholly owned subsidiary of Tun Myint Naing, also known as Steven Law, the descendant of the deceased Lo Hsing Han. Under the leadership of Mitsubishi Corp., a joint venture in Japan has declared its willingness to rebuild Mandalay Aiport.

At Hanthawaddy, north-east of the town, the federal administration is planning to construct a $1.5 billion airfield and awarding the order to a syndicate led by South Korea's state-owned Incheon Int'lport Corp.

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