Myanmar Domestic Flights

Burma Domestic flights

Trains derail in Myanmar so often that tickets include life insurance. It' expensive for a short flight, but a pleasant experience. Following two domestic flights in Myanmar with two airlines, would have no problems with the recommendation. Flights from Tachilek to the airports in Burma. Look for THL flights by date and price.

Yangon Domestic Flights - Myanmar Forum

Hi from Bagan, we're having a great family. We' re planing to travel from Inle Lake to Dawei next weekend without staying anotheright in Yangon. Flights from Heho to Yangon (9:15) and apex flights from Yangon to Dawei at 12:35 every DA. Alternatively, you could go to Yangon and then take the overnight without a sleeping car, which may last a whole afternoon in Mawlamine or Ye.

So we took the Hsipaw to Pyin oo Lwin express and we used it. I' ve looked at the busses, but we don't want to stay so much longer in the coach from Inle to Dawei.

Purchase of Myanmar domestic airline passes. - About Myanmar Forum

Purchase of Myanmar domestic airline passes. Myanmar currently has four airlines that are used by tourism. Each of them use ATr42/72 turbo requisites and a few have F100 jets (your plane type and their networks and timetable are on their websites, but generally not their prices. None of them currently have an online reservation system and some of them are still handwritten.

Several of them also have a web reservation system that allows you to book your reservation by e-mail for pickup and pay upon your return to Myanmar. Costs are no more than the value of the voucher, sometimes a few dollars less, but the big benefit is that if there are changes in date or timing, the agent can get in touch with you and inform you of the changes.

While many travelers have used it successfully, there have been occasional stories about Thorntree that there have been tourist emergencies and the company had no reservation and had to buy a new one. There were not too many years ago only a few foreign carriers that flew to Yangon - now the pages are full of flights and flights.

Lists but does not log flights internally.

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