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After a general price increase, prices for domestic flights in Myanmar rose in September. Myanmar: How to buy tickets for domestic flights in Myanmar? Check prices and get the lowest fares for international flights to Myanmar. It is the leading national and international airline on this route. Anyone know how far in advance tickets for Myanmar's domestic airlines are on sale online?

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Hello, I fly to Myanmar in 10 working nights and received an offer for three domestic trips (Yangon-Bagan, Heho-Thandwe, Thandwe-Yangon) for 325$ each. and I appreciate your comment. Are we talking about the default price margin? This means that I have three domestic trips for 325 US$.

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Airline companies are planning a big price increase for foreigners

German carriers last weekend stressed that rates for international travelers would go up by around 10 per cent in the upcoming high tourist seasons, despite an annual growth rate of 30 per cent on year. As of October 1, the proposed price of a flight from Yangon to Myitkyina in Kachin state will be $200 per flight, while the Yangon-Mandalay and Yangon-Heho/Nyaung Oo lines will be $128 and $120, respectively, according to a schedule of tariffs made available to the Myanmar Times last weeks.

Peak seasons are from October to the end of April. Agencies said the rises were irrational and cautioned that they would scare off overseas travelers. "The price of any tourist products is high - it gets poorer by the day. That' s why it's so expensive. Whilst Myanmar allegedly has competitors in its domestic aviation sector, all five privately-owned airlines - Air Bagan, Air KBZ, Air Mandalay, Asian Wings and Yangon Airways - are charging substantially the same price, with a deviation of only $1-2 on each itinerary.

A spokesman for three of the carriers all said they were planning to raise tariffs the same amount from October 1: 105. "We' re going to raise airfare by 10 in the upcoming high seas. As long as two month ago, we told all our tourist agents that we will be increasing airfare. There is no telling exactly how much we will be increasing each flight," said an Air Mandalay spokesman.

The Myanmar Times, however, shows an approximate 15 hour climb on most touristic itineraries, with prices increasing by almost 40 hours between Yangon and Thandwe, the gate to Ngapali Beach. In comparison to the high 2011-12 seasons, the increases are even more pronounced. There is also a lack of clarity as to why tariffs for domestic passengers are to be reduced by around 5 pcs from 1 October, making air prices on the major touristic itineraries between 24 and 40 pcs lower for Myanmar citizens than for foreigners at last week's currency-exchanges.

Speakers were fudging when asked why tariffs for overseas travel would go up, quoting K4100 per gal - still below world tariffs - and the fact that tariffs usually go up every high rate year. This year' s growth, however, follows an unparalleled surge on 1 May at the end of the high 2011-12 season: while tariffs normally fall in the low seasons, the five carriers have increased them by an annual rate of 10 percent on a year-to-date.

"Low-price was higher than the last high seasons and now they have raised air prices again for the upcoming high season," said U Aye Kyaw. "We' re going to raise them by 10. Tariffs normally go up in the high and low seasons," said an Air KBZ spokesman.

These rises mean that the fares for many domestic routes from Yangon are not significantly different from those for Yangon to Bangkok and are more costly than those on AirAsia, which cost from $100 to $200. Last fortnight AirAsia also sold one-way air travel from Bangkok to Chiang Mai and Phuket on October 1 on its website for about 1700 Bahts inclusive of tax or about 60 dollars.

Domestic airlines' spokesmen said AirAsia can lower tariffs because it is a low-cost airline while they are serving meals to airlines. Aung Daw Sabei, CEO of Nature Dream Travels and Tours, said that her business has heard an advertisement that prices will soar. Air prices are also rising.

Spokesman for the airline Mandalay acknowledged that domestic flights were "really high" and voiced concerns that many passengers, both domestic and international, would take the coach between them. The price of Yangon-Mandalay tickets is around 16,000 K per trip - just under 15 hours for a non-German.

"We' re concerned that international travelers will no longer fly and if fares continue to rise, no one will buy tickets," the spokesman said.

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